Willow Child Sign to StoneFree Records; Paradise & Nadir LP Coming Soon

I know it’s not exactly unheard of, but I think it’s interesting that what first brought German classic-style, organ-inclusive heavy rockers Willow Child together wasn’t the impulse to immediately create something of their own, but to pay homage to their heroes of the late ’60s and early ’70s. They were a cover band. A lot of people slag off tribute acts — not me. If you can get together with your friends for a night, play songs you love in some bar that’s probably going to give you at least like $300 for the effort? I’ve been on the other end of that — playing original material to nobody for no money — and it’s not exactly always a blast. That romance? It fades. So yeah, cover bands. I get it.

Something tells me, however, that even playing original material, Willow Child aren’t going to have any trouble drawing an audience. The five-piece released their debut EP, Trip Down Memory Lane, last year and you’ll find it streaming at the bottom of this post. Later in 2018, they’ll follow up with their first long-player, Paradise and Nadir, which will be out thanks to the estimable tastes of StoneFree Records, who announced the alliance thusly:

willow child

StoneFree Records is more than proud to announce the signing of Willow Child.

After listening to their very promising „Trip Down Memory Lane EP“ in February 2017 we kept in touch and forged out plans concerning a future release.
Now the time has come! BIG TIME!

Willow Child recorded their debut album „Paradise & Nadir“ with Richard Behrens at Big Snuff Studio Berlin in January 2018. The result sounds stunning and will go places for sure. We’ll keep you posted about the release details pretty soon!

Willow Child establish a powerful symbiosis of vivid arrangements and intense lyrics. The quintet based around Nuremberg plays warm blues rock fueled by impelling hard rock riffs and psychedelic instrumental outbursts. Floating guitar licks, thrilling organ grooves and occult vibes are joined together by a rich songwriting.

The band was started 2014 under the name of “Trip Down Memory Lane” and firstly covered old classics from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Doors and many more. But in late 2015 they began to write their own songs and somehow got stuck with it.

Willow Child’s debut album „Paradise & Nadir“ opens the door to a mystic cosmos!

Willow Child is:
Eva Kohl – vocals, guitar
Flo Ryan Kiss – guitar
Jonas Hartmann – organ
Javier Zulauf – bass
David Kohl – drums


Willow Child, Trip Down Memory Lane (2017)

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