Review & Full Stream: Nick Oliveri, N.O. Hits at All, Vol. 3


[Click play above to stream Nick Oliveri’s N.O. Hits at All, Vol. 3 in its entirety. CD/LP out Oct. 20 via Heavy Psych Sounds.]

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Cohorts and accomplices are a big part of the appeal on N.O. Hits at All, Vol. 3 as well. Oliveri joins Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins) in her Hand of Doom solo Black Sabbath covers project for a take on “The Mob Rules” that seems to revel in how far from the Dio-fronted original version it is, while also reminding of how propulsive that original actually was. Dwarves and a side-project for Dwarves guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named both show up, the former with second cut “Luv is Fiction,” which finds Oliveri on vocals under his own name while also playing bass under the guise of Rex Everything. The esteemed Josh Freese (Suicidal Tendencies, Ween, A Perfect Circle, Guns ‘n’ Roses, indeed Dwarves, among many others) may or may not be playing drums on “Luv is Fiction,” which together with He Who Cannot Be Named‘s “Medication,” comprise just about the most outwardly accessible inclusions on the record.

When Dwarves is as close as you get to “audience friendly,” you know some shit is going down. And fair enough. So much of¬†Oliveri‘s sonic personality is based around being unhinged, the wild man, etc., it only seems fair that even as “Luv is Fiction” moves into semi-spoken verses, it should still serve as a reminder of the edge and sense of danger that¬†Queens of the Stone Age have arguably been missing for the last 12-plus years, and by the time they come around, “Country as Fuck” and “The Mob Rules” at the end only underscore the point of the kind of torrent¬†Oliveri can bring to a piece of material and still hold it together to the degree he does, which, naturally, varies.

nick oliveri

And now that the lead has been thoroughly buried,¬†N.O. Hits at All, Vol. 3¬†features two seeming exclusives of particular note. The first is opener “Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw,” a cover of¬†Rose Tattoo‘s 1978 single by the¬†Oliveri-fronted¬†Royale Daemons, a project idea kicked around a few years back that featured¬†Joey Castillo on drums and¬†Scott “Wino” Weinrich¬†(The Obsessed,¬†Saint Vitus,¬†Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, and so on)¬†on guitar. The notion of an¬†Oliveri/Wino collaboration was enough to turn heads in that trio’s direction with the sheer announcement of its existence, but apart from a show or two, this recording and one featured on the previous installment of this series earlier this year, so far as I know nothing else has come of it, and as “Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw” has never been previously released, it’s definitely something special for¬†N.O. Hits at All, Vol. 3.

Same could be said of side B leadoff “Kyuss Dies,” by¬†a trio incarnation of¬†Kyuss Lives! without vocalist¬†John Garcia that consists just of¬†Oliveri, drummer¬†Brant Bjork and guitarist¬†Bruno Fevery, on which Oliveri essentially tells the tale in punker fashion of the lawsuit that brought that project to an end and saw the birth of¬†Vista Chino, which of course also led to the departure of¬†Oliveri from the group. Over a raw and fuzzy recording, Oliveri¬†intones¬†“Here come the suits and ties/Kyuss dies,” while brazenly declaring, “So long my friends/I’m gone.” So he would be, but it’s worth noting that “Kyuss Dies” is the only studio recording ever made public under the moniker of¬†Kyuss Lives! — it’s also the longest track here at 3:42 —¬†so is something of a historical footnote in the timeline of that group as well, which would seem to have been shortlived and more or less doomed from the outset.

As with any such interplay of characterization and persona, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction when it comes to seeing¬†Oliveri as the one-man wrecking crew he’s reputed to be, but along with his screams, his scathing vision of what punk rock should do, he’s also someone who can craft a landmark hook, and even “Kyuss Dies,” which sounds like a studio tossoff jam, is maddeningly catchy, to say nothing of “Luv is Fiction” or “Country as Fuck.” These things he seems to take with him wherever he goes, and if¬†N.O. Hits at All, Vol. 3¬†continues to prove anything, it’s that the dude gets around.

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    Look, I like Nick but I love how much this blog fawns over Nick while having a problem with a band who’s name is Black Pussy. I guess domestic violence is fine but a harsh band name is NO-NO. Right guys?

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