Josefus Announce New Lineup and Recording Plans


By my count, the most recent Josefus studio album was Son of Dead Man, released in 1990, but of course the Texas-based outfit are more known for their works during the heavy rock surge of 1969-1970, during the course of which they offered three records to the overarching cause of the development of heavy rock. 1969’s Get off My Case and their two 1970 releases, Dead Man and Josefus — most particularly Dead Man — have continued to find relevance and influence among subsequent generations of Texan groups, and as they look to make a return this year to play End Hip End It this October in Houston and move forward with their first long-player in nearly 30 years, they do so crossing the generational divide in their own right.

The new lineup of Josefus, in addition to founding vocalist Pete Bailey and founding guitarist Dave Mitchell, features bassist/backing vocalist Doomstress Alexis, also of Doomstress and Project Armageddon, and drummer Michael Morris of Lone Star Hippie, and they’ve begun work tracking new material already while also dealing with a host of medical issues, scheduling conflicts, and so on. No exact release date has been set, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think there’s a chance Josefus could have the record together by the time End Hip End It comes around, if not actually pressed and ready for the merch stand.

They posted a quick rehearsal teaser on Thee Facebooks this past weekend that I’d embed here but for the evilness of the social medias involved. Instead, I’ve included Dead Man as a refresher at the bottom of this post, along with the info the band sent down the PR wire below about their upcoming plans.

Check it out:

Josefus – New Lineup May 2017

Josefus singer Pete Bailey had been feeling like the inspirational well was dry though the want to continue creating music was still there. Two days after celebrating his 70th birthday in November 2016 he checked in to the hospital for a scheduled minor surgery. Things took a dramatic change when severe complications from a massive infection developed forcing Pete to spend three months in both the hospital for treatment and rehabilitation to avoid a massive stroke or worse. It was during this time of isolation that Pete suddenly found his inspirational well surge.

Once released from the hospital Pete & Dave started working on songs together with an intense drive and contacted Richard Cagle at Montrose Studios about doing a new record. Unfortunately existing drummer Leesa Harrington-Squires (Lez Zeppelin) & bassist Mark Weathers were unable to commit to the project. Dave called bassist Doomstress Alexis (Doomstress/Project Armageddon) and drummer Mike Morris (Lone Star Hippie) whom they were all familiar with and asked if they could dedicate time to putting a record together.

Four writing and rehearsal sessions later and they were in the studio tracking drum and bass for several songs. Dave and Pete will be laying down guitars, vocals and harmonica for the existing tracks while Alexis is on a scheduled tour with Doomstress but once she is back, tracking will continue on several more songs already developed from writing sessions.

A short video teaser from the studio session was uploaded to the Josefus Facebook page and has had a massive response, especially with fans from across Europe asking for a European tour and festival appearances! Josefus plans on doing shows and some touring later this year and is already booked to play End Hip End It psych fest with Doomstress on October 22nd in Houston, TX. Europe is definitely on the radar as well.

Pete Bailey – Vocals & Harmonica
Dave Mitchell – Guitars
Michael Morris (Lone Star Hippie) – Drums & Backing Vocals
Doomstress Alexis (Doomstress/Project Armageddon) – Bass & Backing Vocals

Facebook studio teaser video:

End Hip End It psych fest event link:

Josefus, Dead Man (1970)

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  1. Doomstress Alexis says:

    Just a quick note that End Hip End It psyche fest is in Houston not Austin! Thanx.
    Cheers-Doomstress Alexis

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