My Sleeping Karma to Release Mela Ananda – Live Feb. 24


“Decade-long career.” I had trouble believing it, to be honest, so I went into my archive and checked and yes, it’s been 10 years since German heavy psych mostly-instrumentalists My Sleeping Karma released their self-titled debut on Elektrohasch. Somewhat astounding to think of what they’ve accomplished in terms of aesthetic across their five albums — the latest of them, Moksha (review here), came out last year — in that span of time, as well as the rate of releases they’ve managed to keep up. They are persistent and persistently creative. They’ve never put out a record that hasn’t moved forward from where they were previously. That in itself is to be admired.

Their first live outing, Mela Ananda – Live, will be out in February via Napalm Records and feels well earned. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing them play, sorry to note, and I guess that’s one more reason to look forward to hearing this, but even as a summary of their first decade, I can’t find any argument against. Admittedly, as a fan of the band, I’m not looking that hard for one.

From the PR wire:


MY SLEEPING KARMA – Unleash Title, Artwork, Track Listing & Release Date Of Upcoming LIVE Album!

Please welcome MY SLEEPING KARMA`s first live record of their decade long career: Mela Ananda – Live! This is wildly appropriate!

If you’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the live experience that this German four-piece unleashes, you’ll agree that the concert atmosphere provides a healthy dose of enchantment for their much-loved brand of psychedelic rock. Today the stunning album artwork, track listing & release date have been unveiled.

The incredible detailed artwork is the great work of Sebastian Jerke. Mela Ananda – translates directly to “a gathering of bliss” – will be released on February 24th 2017 via Napalm Records.

Read the full tracklisting here:

Mela Ananda – Live
1 Prithvi
2 Enigma42
3 Glow11
4 Ephedra
5 Vayu
6 Akasha
7 Brahama
8 Psilocybe
9 Tamas
10 Hymn72

This 8 page digipak also includes a very special bonus DVD „Let´s give it a try” (video documentary of 10 years of MY SLEEPING KARMA) and My Sleeping Karma live at Rockpalast in Cologne with the following track listing:

1 Brahama
2 23 Enigma
3 Glow11
4 Ahimsa
5 Tamas
6 Hymn72

Reckless heavy rock and multi-layered melodies to make you groove, freak out and dream away – whether you`re sweating in a tightly packed club or listening to Mela Ananda – Live on your headphones, these instrumental wizards. will bring light into even the darkest of souls!

My Sleeping Karma, Live at Dunk Festival 2016, Belgium

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