Deadpeach Release New Single “Magic Potion”

As reinterpreted by Italian heavy psych rockers Deadpeach, Open Mind‘s ‘Magic Potion’ sounds like it could’ve been the starting horn for the Psychedelic Era. Of course, the actual history of that is more complicated, but in revitalizing the original version from 1969, Deadpeach play directly toward their own roots, which is something they’ve done increasingly over the last couple years. And fair enough. Their last full-length, Aurum (review here), was released at the end of 2014, and last year they looked back to their very beginnings with a reissue of their 2004 debut EP, Old Fuzz Generation (review here). 12 years on from that initial outing, why shouldn’t they be looking outward as well as inward when it comes to their motivations and inspirations?

Particularly when the results are as engaging as “Magic Potion” turns out to be, the project’s appeal deepens further. I don’t know if this is a one-off or if Deadpeach might have other covers in the works, but I think it’s telling to note that the recording was started in 2011, half a decade ago. That’s enough to make me think Deadpeach might have a host of tracks laid down to one level of completion or another from over the years, though how many of them might surface to educate their listenership as “Magic Potion” does, I wouldn’t speculate. Maybe it’s better just to groove along to what we’ve got and let the rest play out as it will. That at least seems to be the spirit of the track itself.

You can watch the video for “Magic Potion” below or download it from the band. They sent along the following announcement:


Take a drink from a magic potion

Deadpeach’s new single is out now. ‘Magic Potion’ is a 1969 song of the band Open Mind.

Recorded started at Daniele Marzi studio (2011) and ended at Deposito Zero in Forlì (2016). Mixed at Deposito Zero in Forlì (2016). The new single comes along with a new video.

Download Magic Potion and support Deadpeach on bandcamp.

Deadpeach, “Magic Potion” (Open Mind cover) official video

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