Sahg to Release Memento Mori Sept. 23

sahg (Photo by Anna-Julia Granberg)

If you’re not familiar with the phrase memento mori, which also serves as the title of Sahg‘s upcoming album, out Sept. 23 on Indie Recordings, it’s basically a reminder of death. The actually-Latin equivalent of Game of Thrones‘ “valar morghulis.” Similar to the cover art below, a memento mori often appears in paintings as the top of a skull, either in the background or foreground, sometimes acknowledged, sometimes not, but like death itself, always lurking. You get the idea.

For the Norwegian band, Memento Mori will serve as their fifth full-length after a numerically-numbered initial trio of records between 2006 and 2010 and 2013’s Delusions of Grandeur, and with the touted progressive feel and more metal vibes this time around, it should be interesting to hear how far they’ve come since their more classically rocking earlier works.

From the PR wire:

sahg memento mori


In a time when threats of religious hostility and environmental decay loom heavily over the world, we have no choice but to acknowledge the inevitability of death. Not only does it spread fear, stigma and hatred, but it also reminds us of the grasp our own mortality has on us. Death is just a heartbeat away and our fear of the unknown is apparent now more than ever. Thus the title Memento Mori (Latin: remember that you must die).

For a long while, the album title remained undecided.

“Memento Mori was one of several options that we had on note for a long time. But then Lemmy died. And Bowie died. And all of a sudden, all these rock icons disappeared, one by one. People that have made their imprint on history and influenced us musically since childhood. It made a great impression on a personal level, and started a grieving process that influenced the making of the album. Suddenly it was very clear what the album title would be. ‘Remember, you must die.’ Even immortal legends like Bowie and Lemmy don’t live forever”, comments singer, guitarist and songwriter Olav Iversen.

Musically the album dwell in a heavier landscape than its predecessor, Delusions Of Grandeur, with metal infused heavy rock containing clear progressive elements. The voices of Olav Iversen and Tony Vetaas are more present and insistent than ever.


1. Black Unicorn
2. Devilspeed
3. Take It To The Grave
4. Silence The Machines
5. Sanctimony
6. (Praise The) Electric Sun
7. Travellers Of Space And Light
8. Blood Of Oceans

The new Sahg album, Memento Mori, will be out on Indie Recordings, September 23rd.

Sahg, Memento Mori teaser

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  1. Jose Humberto says:

    MMMHHH! lets see, lets see , because I was delighted with the first three albums but then for the fourth they suddenly got tired of the stoner doom thing and became more Mastodon-like more sludge and I didnt liked it at all and apparently not everybody liked it as well, I hope they return to their basic sound

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