Death Hawks Post Video for “Behind Thyme”

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Death Hawks, “Behind Thyme” official video

Today, the psychedelic circus known as Death Hawks – known for their innovative brand of modern rock music that’s coated with Aquarian aesthetics – premiere a mind-bending new video for “Behind Thyme.” The track hails from the band’s forthcoming third album, Sun Future Moon, set for international release on November 13th via Svart Records.

“The new album’s sound is even larger, more beautiful and diverse than before,” says vocalist and guitarist Teemu Markkula. “As a band, we’ve strived for a much wider palette in every part of the process, from compositions to instrumentation and themes, and find the results satisfying. The songs deal with, for example, astrological myths of antiquity and the cosmos inside modern man. We consider the album both a logical continuation of the Death Hawks discography and also a step into a new age, in both meanings of the term. But, looking at the album from a simple point of view, we just tried to create a fascinating, melodic, and dignified album.”

Death Hawks are currently working on an European tour, but first, they’ll join legendary Finnish experimentalists Circle on a Finnish tour during November. “Our live experience will be updated, as well,” says Teemu Markkula. “Largely, we’ll concentrate on the new album but with a few older cuts here and there. We’re traveling with our very own visualist and a sound technician wherever possible to give people the best possible show.” Dates are as follows:

Death Hawks & Circle – Finnish tour 2015
31.10.2015 Suistoklubi, Hämeenlinna
06.11.2015 Bar Kino, Pori
07.11.2015 Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki
13.11.2015 Rokumentti, Kerubi, Joensuu
14.11.2015 Rock House Kulma, Kajaani
20.11.2015 Lutakko, Jyväskylä
21.11.2015 Tavastia, Helsinki
26.11.2015 Klubi, Tampere
27.11.2015 Dynamo, Turku
28.11.2015 Torvi, Lahti

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