Project Armageddon Embark on Cosmic Oblivion Tour

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Houstin trio  Project Armageddon have set out on a tour to the East Coast in support of their third album, Cosmic Oblivion. The run began this past Friday and will continue through to the start of next month, making a stop this weekend in Frederick, Maryland, for the Maryland Doom Fest where Project Armageddon will join the likes of Spirit CaravanThe Skull and many, many others in celebrating one of the country’s most distinct styles of doom.

Project Armageddon also recently unveiled the instrumental opener of Cosmic Oblivion, which is titled “Cosmic Crush,” and which you can find on the player that follows the tour dates below.

Information is the key:

project armageddon tour

Project Armageddon – Cosmic Oblivion Tour

Project Armageddon releases our 3rd record “Cosmic Oblivion” in June 2015 and will embark on a 2 week tour of the midwest/northeast US on our way to play The †maryland DOOM† Fest!

Project Armageddon is stoked to announce the current dates of our upcoming northeast US tour to play The maryland DOOM Fest and to support our new record “Cosmic Oblivion”! Local record release and tour kick off show starts 6/13 in Houston,TX at Numbers Nightclub and tour begins the following weekend!

We will be back just in time for the Doomstress to host her 3rd anniversary Doomstress Alexis Day Grace Note benefit for Montrose Grace Place for homeless youth on Sunday July 5th at Pearl Bar Houston, where she will be performing with her other band, Vendetta Diabolique! All tour event links are posted in this tour event page.

Hope to see you on the road!

Doomstress Alexis-Bass & Vox
Brandon Johnson-Guitars
Raymond Matthews-Drums

6/19 Denton,TX @ Andy’s Bar
6/20 Texarkana, AR Silver Dollar
6/21 Chattanooga,TN @ JJ’s Bohemia
6/23 Indianapolis,IN @ The 5th Quarter Lounge
6/25 Kent,OH @ Stone Tavern
6/26 McMechen,WV @ Goodfellas Bar & Grill
6/27 Frederick,MD Maryland Doom Fest Cafe 611
6/30 Bethlehem,PA @ Shankara Vegan Restaurant
7/2 Richmond,VA 25 Watt RVA

Project Armageddon, “Cosmic Crush”

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5 Responses to “Project Armageddon Embark on Cosmic Oblivion Tour”

  1. jose humberto says:

    ok … who is she???!!!


    • ken says:

      Doomstress Alexis is a TRANSGENDER female. ‘She’ is very active in the LGBT community in Houston. So much so that the mayor of Houston honored ‘her’ with a Day of her own, Doomstress Alexis Day… Ugh.

      • I thought long and hard about deleting this comment before it was posted. I have comment approval to keep spam off the site, and in the end, I’m not comfortable restricting your right to speak your mind in response to something posted here, whether that’s “Wow she’s hot” or saying that Alexis is transgender. You kind of come off like a dick though in giving that information with your extraneous quote marks and “ugh” and whatnot. Not really sure who you are to sit in judgment of someone else’s experience one way or another, how they see themselves, how they want others to see them or their level of involvement in their community. If the Mayor of Houston declared a Doomstress Alexis Day, I’m sure that shit was well-earned given the fact that she can’t even announce a tour without someone chiming in to go “ugh” and naysay hard work. So yeah, this comment gets posted because they all do unless they’re from a spambot, but don’t take that to be an endorsement of viewpoint.

      • Alan says:

        You should have an iota of the talent that she has. Ignorant asshat

  2. jose humberto says:

    Really? mmmmmhhh!

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