Alunah Premiere Lyric Video for “Awakening the Forest”


Here’s a fun fact: When I first put up the Top 30 of 2014, all exhausted and stupidly proud of myself for actually finishing the damn thing and so on, it did not include Alunah‘s 2014 third album and Napalm Records debut, Awakening the Forest (review here). A pretty egregious oversight, right? I thought so. More to the point, it haunted me. So much so that I couldn’t even listen to the record because I felt so guilty. Finally, I could stand it no longer and went back and put them in. They’re still not where they should be number-wise, but goddammit, at least they’re there. I felt like a damned fool.

If you’ve heard the record, you probably know why. With its organic-sounding blend of rolling doom riffs and laid back pastoral psychedelia, coupled with the themes of loss and nature-worship, Awakening the Forest was beautiful and poignant and underscored by the Birmingham, UK, four-piece’s memorable songwriting, cuts like “Heavy Bough,” “Awakening the Forest” and “Bricket Wood Coven” and “The Mask of Herne”and “Sourge and the Kiss” and “The Summerland” — oh wait, that’s ALL OF THEM — resounding in the consciousness, at once familiar and immediately Alunah‘s own, their identity hand-carved into each flowing progression.

Bottom line is the album was gorgeous and I was a jerk for leaving it out at first. Alunah‘s first two full-lengths, 2010’s Call of Avernus (review here) and 2012’s White Hoarhound (review here), are set to be reissued this year by PRC Music, and the band — vocalist/guitarist Soph Day, guitarist Dave Day, bassist Dan Burchmore and drummer Jake Mason — have set about writing for a fourth outing. I’m not sure I’d expect it before the end of 2015, but it’ll be welcome whenever it shows up. Until then, the band continues to do shows, and they have a new lyric video for the title cut from Awakening the Forest by Wil Henry, which you can check out below.


Alunah, “Awakening the Forest” lyric video

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Alunah at Napalm Records

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  1. I love this song. Pretty video.

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