Top 20 of 2013 Readers Poll is Now Open!

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The professional team at go to site specializes in crafting resumes, business proposals, and business plans to keep clients ahead of the curve. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. The Top 20 of 2013 Readers Poll is now open! Submit your list of your favorite records from this year using the form below, and at the end of the month, the results will be counted up and a final, overall Top 20 will be had!

buy write my essay - Why be concerned about the review? apply for the necessary guidance on the website modify the way you fulfill your homework There are no restrictions on bands, genres, types of albums, vinyl-only, tape-only, whatever. Anything you want to put on your list, whatever you feel deserves your vote, is welcome. We’re doing things a little different this year in that all the lists will be published along with the results of the Top 20, so that everyone’s picks, however obscure or whatever they might be, can be seen and enjoyed by everybody when the time comes.

Sprint Small Business Plans - receive a 100% original, plagiarism-free essay you could only dream about in our academic writing service Perfectly written The polling is also different in that where an album is placed on your list counts too, not just the raw votes. It requires more math, but it’s for a good cause and should hopefully make the final tally even more accurate.

P.121: p.120: The best multimedia instruction on the web to help you best site and answers with your Algebra & Geometry homework and study Fill our your picks below, click Submit, and you’re good to go. Happy voting:

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13 Responses to “Top 20 of 2013 Readers Poll is Now Open!”

  1. Slevin says:

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  2. Lane says:

    Very cool… thanks for letting your readers give input… this was easy for me because I already had my list ready to go! I look forward to seeing the final results.

  3. Dave says:

    Sweet, can’t wait. The results are like a post-Christmas shopping list for everything I missed through the year every year

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks for all the hard work that goes into this site. Just submitted my picks, definitely had some tough cuts towards the end. Great year for music. Looking forward to the results.

  5. Mike K says:

    There probably should be a couple of asterisks beside a few of my picks. For example, Venomous Maximus’ Beg Upon The Light was originally released in 2012, but I bought the 2013 release. Plus, I don’t know if “live” albums qualify for the list, but I bought a strangely large amount of them this year and listened to them a LOT.

  6. Just submitted and I can’t remember wha’s after number five. Very on the fly but there’s nothing but good stuff in there (including 2 hiphop albums but no black metal)

  7. I finally put an end to fussing and submitted. That’s a load off my mind.

  8. John says:

    I did a strickly doom/stoner top 20 which was very different from my overall personal top 20. Enjoy!

  9. Moses says:

    I pretty much stuck to Stoner Rock and or Doom. I tried to anyway. Some I didn’t mention but thought were good was the new Mazzy Star, White Hills, Hendrix,Satriani And Deltron 3030 Can’t wait to see this list!

  10. Neal says:

    Putting these in order is hard…

  11. Fastnbulbous says:

    Is the form supposed to give any indication the Submission went through? It doesn’t do anything and am not sure it worked.

  12. JK says:

    Done! Took some time; due to the countdown run on Stoner HiVe, but finally found the time to insert mine… Even though there are at least 50 more that deserve a spot as well… Thanks for doing this!

  13. aaron says:

    i have my doubts i’m going to see the tegan and sara album on this list haha

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