Domovoyd Debut Album Oh Sensibility Now Streaming in Full

Today, Oct. 11, marks the Svart Records release of the debut Domovoyd full-length, Oh Sensibility. It is a work of vast-ranging psychedelic cacophony, shield-your-eyes bright tonality underscored by devastating heft. They might as well have called it, “Oh Sensibility, I Can’t Believe We Just Melted You With Psychedelic Guitars.” Songs are given to lumber as much as rolling, nodding heavy grooves, but there are points — set up by the fittingly-titled introductory opening track — when the wash of noise comes to a head and Domovoyd seem to be swallowed whole in the swirling torrent they’ve crafted. There are touches of neu-er Electric Wizard in some of their stretches of riffy triumph, both early on in shorter cuts like “Lamia” and later in the sprawling 16-minute closer “Argenteum Astrum,” but by and large, Domovoyd are on a totally different trip.

Primarily, what makes Oh Sensibility such a rich listen over the course of its 52 minutes is the tones and the interaction between guitarists Oskar Tunderberg and Niko Lehdontie. The former manages to hold together already-liquified riffing in kind with bassist Dmitry Melet — whose own tone is not to be underappreciated — and the dynamic drumming of Axel Solimeis, and this allows Lehdontie the space to add a barrage of effects to the fray. He’s not shy about it. Each crescendo throughout the album and each moment of atmospheric cosmos-worship is brought to a fuller breadth through the chaos, and there are stretches as on “Incarnation” when it seems like Tunderberg‘s vocals have already been consumed by the tide. Following the abrasive rise of “Introduction,” “Incarnation” takes hold with equally vicious feedback and riffing, leading to the more languid druggery of “Lamia” en route to the epic trio of “By Taking a Breath” (9:33), “Effluvial Condenser” (13:38) and the aforementioned “Argenteum Astrum” (16:13), but though Domovoyd veer into abrasion when they so choose, Oh Sensibility never loses its psychedelic vibe, resulting in a creative blend that pulls you in from the very start.

And yeah, there are times where it just sounds fucked up, like “Lamia”‘s Godflesh-gone-stoner cacophony, and the Nirvana reference that shows up halfway into “By Taking a Breath,” but that only adds intrigue to the proceedings, which stand as a remarkable accomplishment particularly for the Seinäjoki foursome’s first album. Perhaps the most telling moment of all on the record is early into “Effluvial Condenser” when the words “electric charge” are repeated in whispers that cut through the space-rock din surrounding. If that’s what’s doing it for Domovoyd, who of course then embark on a massive album-unto-themselves push with that song and the fittingly oppressive apex-fuzz provided by “Argenteum Astrum,” sign me up. Tune down, plug in, crash galaxies.

Do your frontal lobe some damage by checking out the entirety of Oh Sensibility on the player below:

Domovoyd‘s Oh Sensibility is available now on Svart Records. The band have a couple gigs lined up in November to support the LP:

Nov. 20th – Nuclear Nightclub (OUL) w/ Oranssi pazuzu
Nov. 21st – Rytmikorjaamo (SJK) w/ Oranssi pazuzu
Nov. 30th – Secret party (secret location)

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