Snail Guitarist Eric Clausen Launches New Side-Project Division Process

Currently in the recording studio with bandmate Matt Lynch, Snail guitarist Eric Clausen has announced a new project featuring Collyn McCoy of The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic and London-based drummer Darby Todd of The Darkness. L.A.’s a weird town, man. But the band sounds cool and Lynch‘s studio, Mysterious Mammal, can be relied on for a full, thick sound, so I’ll be interested to hear how Division Process‘ debut, The Jesus Horses, turns out when the time comes.

Lynch sent the announcement down the PR wire:

Members of Snail Embark On New Project — DIVISION PROCESS

Eric Clausen, lead guitar player for Snail, has entered the studio with Snail bass player and producer Matt Lynch to begin recording his solo project the Division Process. The album, entitled The Jesus Horses, is being recorded at Lynch’s Mysterious Mammal studio in Los Angeles and features some heavy players, notably Darby Todd (The Darkness, Hot Leg) on drums and Collyn McCoy (Otep, Trash Titan, The Ultra Electric Mega Gallactic) on bass.

Division Process is the sole vision and songwriting of Clausen, who plays all guitars and performs all vocals. The Jesus Horses will fuse many styles of heavy music and rock — slow and heavy with melancholy and beauty, sludge and butt rock with experience and searching. Heavy down-tuned instrumental beds with gritty, melodic metal vocals and intensely personal lyric imagery. The songs sound like they emerge from a heavy haze of nicotine and crank.

Some band signposts for reference: Snail, early Metallica, DIO, Motorhead, Tool, Kiss, Alice in Chains, Melvins, Nirvana.

The current track list:

The Acts Of The Apostles
Annex Mecitrocity
Night Of The Sleestak
Pills For Breakfast
Paper Covers Stone
Something With Protien
The Daze Of Lines And Doses
The Jesus Horses (Dear Mother Interlude)
Dope Hope mp3
Stone (BHT)
The Sweet Goodbye

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  1. Russell Carlsen says:

    I was out of town when this news broke. But this is awesome news.

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