The Green Dragon Go Lo-Fi Psych with New Video for “Downflame”

It must be tough to be garage rocker in the Northeast. Our winters ain’t what they used to be thanks to climate change, but we still get our fill of through-the-pants cold, and if you’re in a band like NJ’s own The Green Dragon, what are you supposed to do? Apparently you’re supposed to go to the basement.

That’s just what The Green Dragon did, and when they resurfaced and spliced the footage they filmed of themselves riffing and psyching out, they spliced in some old cartoons and had a video for their track “Downflame.” Not bad for trying to keep warm. The Green Dragon guitarist Zack Kurland (also of Purple KnightsSweet Diesel, etc.) assures me that limited edition possibly handmade tapes are coming soon, and I think once you listen you’ll agree the song is worthy of presentation on such a medium.

Kurland is joined in The Green Dragon by bassist Jennifer Klein and drummer Nathan Wilson. Enjoy:

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