audiObelisk: Riotgod Premiere “Fool” From Invisible Empire

The funny thing about Riotgod is that while the band is from my home state of New Jersey, I think their second album, Invisible Empire, has more of a European rock style to it. Compared to their self-titled debut, which came out on Metalville last year, Invisible Empire is more outwardly stoner rock. The four-piece throw down unabashed love for ’90s heavy rock greats Kyuss and Soundgarden, and tinge it every now again with something more moody à la Alice in Chains.

Those shifts serve them well on Invisible Empire. Garrett Sweeny‘s riffs feel more prominent, and the band’s time on the road in Europe did them well in terms of Thee art.nailing down their aesthetic. Vocalist Mark Sunshine is restrained but not repressed, maintaining the classic rock frontman sensibility he brought to the first record while also refining his approach to the rhythms of drummer Bob Pantella and bassist Jim Baglino — both also of Monster Magnet.

And if that band’s stamp shows up anywhere on Invisible Empire, it’s in the straightforward quality of the songwriting Riotgod is able to make sound easy and natural. There isn’t much psychedelia to what they do — some — but instead, the album drives home the notion of the classic working rock band. One hopes they tour again for it, as that clearly seems to be the root of their growth.

I’m lucky enough today to be able to host the track “Fool” for your streaming pleasure, which you’ll find on the player below. Hope you enjoy:

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

As previously reported, Riotgod‘s Invisible Empire will be released on Metalville on Jan. 31 — it’s already out in Europe. If you like “Fool,” hit the band up on Thee Facebooks or their ReverbNation page, where they have the rest of the album streaming.

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  1. Andrea Barca says:

    Awesome !

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  3. erik says:

    Jason From RIBCO Rock Island confirmed you’ll be performing Early May in Rock Island… Looking forward To Witness your spirtual iron muse as Monster Magnet has inspired most of my Visual Iron Creativity….

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  5. […] The Obelisk is streaming the track “Fool” HERE […]

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