Wino Wednesday: Paul Chain, “Bloodwing”

We’ve covered most of Wino‘s bands at this point, but something not yet mentioned in this ongoing Wino Wednesday series is the incredible amount of guest appearances Scott “Wino” Weinrich has made over the years. From Lost Breed, to Solace, to Shepherd and Earthride, he’s constantly contributing guitar and vocals to the songs of others, and the fact that he’s still in such high demand after all this time just further proves the ongoing nature of the Wino legacy.

This week, the chosen clip is courtesy of Paul Chain, who’s widely regarded as the master of Italian doom. Through his work in the earliest days of Death SS to his own Violet Theatre and sundry solo projects, the guitarist/vocalist has always had an eye and ear for experimentation. His latest band, Translate, has moved away from doom into more progressive and experimental styles, but much like Wino, he’s someone whose discography it would take years to even begin to grasp.

The song “Bloodwing” appeared on Chain‘s 2004 compilation, Unreleased Vol. 2, and is one of two tracks to feature a guest spot from Wino; the other, “Nibiru Dawn,” is no less plodding and mournful. Weinrich‘s integration with Chain‘s playing style is seamless, and it’s a great introduction to anyone who might not be familiar with the latter’s also-continual progression. Hope you enjoy:

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