On the Radar: Radar Men From the Moon

I just opened my mail here at the office, and in it found a CD from an indie band with a sizable PR company behind them. The album cover featured the members of this band — I’m not even going to say their name, lest I unintentionally give them press — shirtless, in shorty shorts, holding fake guns, wearing sunglasses, like something out of a hipster Road Warrior. Fuck that band. Instead of listening to them, I’m going to listen to Radar Men From the Moon.

If I said to you they’re a youngin’ Dutch instrumental heavy psych trio, you’d probably already have a pretty good idea of what they sound like, so here goes: They’re a youngin’ Dutch instrumental heavy psych trio. Guitar, bass, drums. The usual debts are paid to the likes of Colour Haze and others from the Elektrohasch roster, and a sample out of old sci-fi lends an Astrosoniq feel to opener “The Wire” from their self-released EP, Intergalactic Dada and Space Trombones.

But most importantly, familiar though Radar Men From the Moon‘s sound is, their three Bandcamp-streaming songs have provided me respite from the garbage that shows up at the work P.O. box, and for that, I thank them. We’re starting to see a lot of these kinds of instrumental acts popping up around Europe, and though sooner or later, someone’s going to have to get a singer, that day is not today, and I’m digging the easy, patient grooves of the EP’s title track and of “Moonjuice,” which is also a better title than anything that other band came up with.

Check these dudes out on Thee Facebooks or take a listen with the player below and see if you don’t agree they’re much better than douched-out irono-violence.

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  1. jeroen van leuken says:

    i just want to say. you rock guys.
    glenn peeters you are a great cousin

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