The Glasspack Celebrate a Decade…

…And true to form, they do so after 11 and a half years. The Glasspack, from Louisville, KY, have always been a band to revel in their ultra-dirty rock sound, so it’s only fitting with the theme of “wow, what a mess,” that they’d have a 10th anniversary show a year and a half late. Killer. You know that show’s gonna be a good time.

Vocalist/guitarist Dirty Dave gave this update to

We are having a party to celebrate 10 years of existence, though it has actually been 11.5. Everyone is invited and The Glasspack set will be nearly two hours long, guests will include Adam Neal (The Hookers, Brothers of Conquest), Peter Searcy (Solo, Squirrel Bait), and Mark Abromavage (Kinghorse, ARCH). Hope to see you there and buy our new orange 7” vinyl record split-side with the Trophy Wives that will be released at the show. It will come with a FREE download card with nearly 15 FREE tracks from The Glasspack and TrophyWives. It will also be available worldwide at for $5 plus shipping. Thanks to everyone who has supported The Glasspack, we love you all.
Dirty & The Glasspack

PS- We have new material we are working out for a new album.

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