Arc of Ascent’s Circle of the Sun Attains Inner Enlightenment through Massive Riffage, Feels Like Sharing

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Unlike a lot of latter day psychedelic or spacey rock, however, Arc of Ascent’s production doesn’t hinder the music at all. If anything, Circle of the Sun is stronger for the crisp, professional mix it’s been given, which makes the arrangements sound full and the breaks like those that occur in opening duo “Universal Form” and “Cosmic Eye” mesh entirely with the more straightforward material around them, despite what “outside” instrumentation they may introduce and then remove again. After two records with Datura and at least six full-lengths with Lamp of the Universe, Williamson is well experienced in blending a rock sound with Eastern influences, and in Arc of Ascent, he does so expertly and tops it with a more confident vocal approach than Datura ever saw or Lamp of the Universe could withstand — fragility in the face of the infinite being so much of that project’s sound — and, you know, rocks out in the process. On just about every level, that’s a win.

Williamson has his lyrical tropes, and they’re all present and accounted for (the lotus even shows up), but it’s clear nonetheless that Arc of Ascent is a new step in the career of the New Zealand multi-instrumentalist. With Lamp of the Universe reportedly also having new material coming together, it will be interesting to see where Arc of Ascent goes from here, if it’s a one-time project so Williamson could get this out of his system and work with Cole-Baker and Strange or an ongoing band. If this trio does decide to make it a go, they’re off to a tremendous start, as even in its wanderings, Circle of the Sun is catchy without being tired or cliché and intriguing without being a wholly mental exercise. Williamson, it seems, has found the best of both worlds and made one of the best uses of the no-songs-under-six-minutes rule I’ve heard so far this year. Give me “Master of the Serpents” any day, man. Any day of the week. I’ll take it.

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  1. We got our copies of this yesterday. I can’t agree more with the reviewer.

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