Rumor Has it Nebula Broke Up

I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’, but Brooklyn Vegan‘s down at SXSW in Austin, TX, this week, and according to them, Nebula has broken up. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Tee Pee band Nebula broke up, thus changing their plan to head to Austin to play five shows. Naturally one of those shows was a BV (Attitude Adjustment at Red 7). Replacement still TBA, and assuming the break up sticks, full tour cancellation still TBA too.

Given the hundreds and thousands of people who’ve played in the band over the course of its existence, should anyone really be surprised if Nebula called it quits? No. Should we all look forward to the original lineup reunion bound to happen in about three years? Most definitely.

More on this as I hear it. Here’s “Aphrodite” from last year’s Heavy Psych, live at The Ottobar in Baltimore.

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6 Responses to “Rumor Has it Nebula Broke Up”

  1. Bill Goodman says:

    That kinda sucks. I was just getting into their music too.

  2. I.C. Graves says:

    I wouldn’t doubt that this rumor is true. Nebula is far too good a band for this shithole music world.

  3. […] and here’s a shocker for ya.  Apparently Nebula have called it quits.  While the band has yet to make an official announcement–the shows are still listed on […]

  4. tawcaw says:

    What has this band accomplished musically that was not already done in Detroit in the 60’s? Short answer, NOTHING.

    I find it amusing to no end that these halfassed high-on excuses for bands from loco califa can recycle the Stooges/MC5 and be lauded for it.

    Good Riddance, I say. Bring on the next Joe Dirt w/ a paisley flannel….

  5. chris says:

    It is true cancelled the Philly show this friday,Totally sucks.

  6. yomama says:

    TAWCAW, why don’t you go stick an MC5 record somewhere up your ass?

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