A Comp from the Swamp

Swamp indeed.I usually don’t get behind mp3 blogs, mostly because they’ll give you a virus if you’re not careful, but of those working within the stoner/doom genre, Doomed to be Stoned in a Sludge Swamp operate in such a way as to be entirely above board. For example, they dropped an email asking permission before posting my band’s demo way back when. And I’m sure they don’t do that for all the albums they post, but as an unsigned act, it was a great way of promoting the release, because damn near everyone goes there.

Now they’ve taken it to the next level with an original compilation all their own. Appropriately called Swamp Comp Vol. 1, it brings together unsigned groups from all over the doomed spectrum and is basically sampler of bands the site thinks you should check out. And it’s all band-approved, so it’s entirely guilt-free. Hard to beat that. Thanks to those guys for supporting the scene and for keeping the public aware of new acts coming down the pike. For anyone interested, here’s the link to download.

And here’s the track list:

01. Low of the Low – Mississippi
02. Dirt Communion – A Trip to the Slaughterhouse
03. El Supremo – Julius Pleaser and the Renegade Brigade
04. Black Thai – Satan?s Tool Shed
05. Alcoholic Alliance Disciples – Blues for the Heretic Confraternity of Drinkers
06. Ever Circling Wolves – Alone, into the Silent Ice
07. Hate – Needle
08. Dead Existence – Underhanded
09. Bad Actor – Sinister Smoke and Smolder
10. March to the Sea – Replicant
11. Black Sleep of Kali – Chorus of Flies
12. After the Dust – Crash Down
13. The Central End – I See Walls (James Plotkin Remix)
14. The Storm Explosion – Everything that?s Living

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5 Responses to “A Comp from the Swamp”

  1. Zodiac Lung says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I, we, really appreciate it. All of the bands invloved have gotten a lot of attention…the comp has been downloaded neraly 400 times. I hope to do this again before the end of the year and then make it a quarterly thing starting in 2010.

    Rock ON!

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you. ;-)

  3. Cheeto says:

    Thanx for the kind words about our blog. Actually, most of the albums I post I get some kind of permission and or support for. Not all of them, of course. We just want to get the word out on a lot of great bands, and have gotten tons of support from tons of bands. You won’t get any virus from our site, either. Thanx for your blog, too. Lots of good news and reviews here. Cheers!

  4. Bufftbone says:

    This track is awesome. Right from the get go with the first track “Mississippi” by Chicago’s own “Low of the Low” to the very last track.

  5. Gaia says:

    This takes me back!

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