Video Premiere: Mos Generator Unveil Clip for “Lonely One Kenobi” from Nomads

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Contrary to what you might presume from the photo above, Port Orchard, Washington, heavy rockers Mos Generator have seen the light. They decided to make a video about it.

The first thing you’ll probably notice in listening to “Lonely One Kenobi” from Mos Generator‘s new album, Nomads (review coming soon), is that it is crazily, unabashedly, apologetically catchy. The power trio of guitarist/vocalist Tony Reed, bassist Scooter Haslip and drummer Shawn Johnson have outdone themselves with the album, which is due out Oct. 23 on Ripple Music, and I can only assume that the yellow light in which the video finds them bathing as they perform the track is powered by the chorus.

Speaking of the chorus, the title of the song is also going to make a lot more sense once you hear it.

Please enjoy “Lonely One Kenobi” from Nomads, followed by some PR wire-type info from Ripple:

MOS GENERATOR Premiere “Lonely One Kenobi” Video

MOS GENERATOR and The Obelisk have once again teamed up on an exclusive premiere, this time for the first video from the Nomads album, “Lonely One Kenobi”. Going for the throat on the lead single from Nomads, “Lonely One Kenobi” is a classic MOS GENERATOR tune that thunders with heavy aggression and then soothes the soul with heart melting melodies. Shrouded in smokey mystery, this performance video was shot on a shoe-string budget with one camera and a few lights, showing that simplicity is usually the best method for getting the message across.

“Lonely One was the first song we wrote in the batch of new songs we recorded for Nomads. From the first time we played it live I could tell it was a strong number,” said Tony Reed when asked about the choice of lead singles, “And as for the video, yeah, I’m happy with the way Lonely One came out with what we had to work with. We’ve had a very positive response from people who have already seen the video.”

Nomads will be available world-wide on October 23rd, 2012 through Ripple Music. The nine track album features the heaviness and elegant melody that have become the trademark sounds of the band, but this time lyrically exploring the more introspective paths of soul salvation. The Port Orchard, Washington rock n’ roll nomads spent almost a year tracking, recording, and mixing the new album until they were happy with the end result, constantly holding the material to the light, never wanting to release anything less than stellar.

Nomads will be available through Nail/Allegro Distribution in the U.S., Code 7 in the UK, and Clearspot International through continental Europe. Look for MOS GENERATOR on the road throughout the Pacific Northwest starting in September with possible more road work in 2013.

Track List:
1. Cosmic Ark
2. Lonely One Kenobi
3. Torches
4. Step Up
5. Solar Angels
6. For Your Blood
7. Can’t Get Where I Belong
8. Nomads/This Is The Gift Of Nature

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