Doom in June Vol. 4 Announces Final Lineup

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 29th, 2014 by JJ Koczan

If you’re the type to look at sponsor lists for music festivals, you might notice an Obelisk logo at the bottom of the poster below for Doom in June Vol. 4. I’m thrilled and honored to be on board for spreading the word on this year’s Doom in June fest, with Novembers Doom, Ides of Gemini, Godhunter, Satan’s Host, BigElf, Acid Witch and Pale Divine on the bill at the Cheyenne Saloon in the ultra-doomy climes of Las Vegas, June 6 and 7. As you can see, I’m in good company, and the fourth installment of the annual fest promises to be the grimmest yet. Did I mention Satan’s Host were playing?

Tickets are available now for either or both of the two days ofDoom in June Vol. 4, and the links are included below with the now-final lineup, fresh off the PR wire.

Dig it:


Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th, 2014 at The Cheyenne Saloon

Salem Rose Music announces final line-up for Doom in June Vol. 4 Music Festival in Las Vegas. This year the festival kicks off on Friday night (June 6th). In keeping with festival tradition, Saturday (June 7th) will feature music all day and well into the night. Doom in June expanded the format to accommodate more bands this year. Event takes place at The Cheyenne Saloon (3103 N Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130). Tickets are on sale now:

2- day ticket discount price $40

Friday only ticket $20

Saturday only ticket $30

“I’m proud I could put together a heavier than heavy line-up for Doom in June Vol. 4” explains festival founder Marco Barbieri, “We’ve expanded to a two-day format in order to add more bands. There is a greater diversity of talent and we’ve listened to the fans and made it darker and doomier this year.”

Event sponsors include Fly PR, Vegas Star Bookings, The Obelisk, Heavy Planet and All That Is Heavy. To become a sponsor or to find out about vendor opportunities please contact Salem Rose Music.

Friday June 6
(first band hits the stage just after 5:00 pm and show ends just after midnight)
Spiritual Shepherd
Whores of Tijuana
Wounded Giant
Night Demon
Spiral Arms
Big Elf
Satan’s Host

Saturday June 7
(first band hits the stage just after 2:00 pm and show ends around 1:00 am)
Spun in Darkness
Black Prism
Trapped Within Burning Machinery
Secrets of the Sky
Demon Lung
Ides of Gemini
My Ruin
Pale Divine
Acid Witch
November’s Doom

Spiritual Shepherd, “The Flock” Live at Doom in June 3

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Wino and Iron Man Added to Doom in June II

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 5th, 2011 by JJ Koczan

If you wanted a reason to be in Las Vegas in the swelter of June, the Doom in June Fest might be it. The festival, now in its second year, announced today that Wino will be appearing for a special acoustic set (something not to be missed, in case you didn’t see the live review) and that Maryland doomers Iron Man will be making the trek out as well. Rumor has it their new singer kicks ass, but I haven’t seen or heard that for myself yet. One of these days.

Until then, here’s the poster for Doom in June and the notice the fest sent over on the PR wire:

Doom in June Fest – Sat. June 4 at The Cheyenne Saloon in Las Vegas with 17 bands – Solitude Aeturnus, Wino (in a special acoustic performance), Iron Man, Hooded Menace, Stone Axe, Wo Fat, Dusted Angel, Leeches of Lore, White Witch Canyon, Hallowed Engine, Stonehelm, Meth Leppard, Psilobycin, … Of the Horizon, Crowned by Fire, The Swamp Donkey and Dead Neon. From noon to 2AM. $25 advance Spread the word.

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Doom in June II Lineup Announced

Posted in Whathaveyou on February 8th, 2011 by JJ Koczan

I guess it’s old news if you’re a regular visitor to the forums, but the press release just came in, so I figured I’d post the news that this year’s installment of the Doom in June festival has been announced for June 4 (appropriately enough) at The Cheyenne Saloon in scenic Las Vegas, Nevada. Also helping the “post it” cause is the fact that New Mexican weirdos Leeches of Lore are playing, and I’ve been meaning to review their Attack the Future cassette for months now. I suck.

Here’s the announcement, sent along by MeteorCity, followed by the poster, which is awesome:

As promised, the celebrated Doom in June fest returns for the second annual homage to some of the coolest names in doom and stoner rock Saturday, June 4, 2011. Last year’s inaugural show was a fun-filled day of some great music that saw people congregating to Las Vegas from around the world. This year Salem Rose Music gives you another dose.

Following a similar format Doom in June II kicks off the summer the first weekend of June (Sat. June 4) with 15 confirmed bands — some longtime established names and an opportunity to catch some of the brightest young talents — in a carefree, good time environment at the infamous longtime rock club The Cheyenne Saloon (3103 N. Rancho Blvd.).

Set to perform are Solitude Aeturnus, Hooded Menance (from Finland), Stone Axe, Wo Fat, Dusted Angel, Leeches of Lore, White Witch Canyon, Hallowed Engine, Stonehelm, Meth Leppard, Psilocybin, Of the Horizon, Crowned by Fire, The Swamp Donkey and locals Dead Neon.

Doors open at noon with bands performing for 12 hours on one stage. Tickets now on sale at for only $25 advance.

For more information:

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Personally, I’d Have Called it the ‘Fear and Loathing’ Fest, but Whatever…

Posted in Whathaveyou on April 26th, 2010 by JJ Koczan

Those who don’t know Marco Barbieri, he’s big time. Ran Century Media in the US for a number of years and then left to start up Salem Rose Music and apparently put together this new Doom in June fest in Las Vegas. I’m always interested to see who’s a stoner rock fan, and clearly Barbieri qualifies. And no, I wasn’t insulted not to be asked to sponsor. No more than ever, anyway. $20 is a good deal for this many bands. One just hopes the bar is well stocked.

Quoth the PR wire:

Salem Rose Music Presents has teamed up with Vegas Star Bookings to bring a different kind of music festival to Las Vegas. Doom in June fest, which will be held Sat. June 5 at The Cheyenne Saloon (3103 N. Rancho Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89130), is intended to be an annual event every June that will kick off the summer with some of the best names in doom and stoner rock. The musical styles are held near and dear to those dedicated to the cause and Marco Barbieri, owner of Salem Rose Music, is a longtime fan and supporter of the underground music scene and wanted to put his own spin on things.

“With only a handful of doom and stoner rock fests around the world we’ve decided to support these genres by throwing our own party to be held every year in June in Las Vegas. June 5th marks the inaugural Doom in June fest and we’re preparing for a special day showcasing some of the finest emerging bands in the styles.”

Fifteen out-of-town bands will be coming to Las Vegas to perform, including Fireball Ministry, Black Cobra, Slough Feg, The Gates of Slumber, Radio Moscow, Sasquatch, House of Broken Promises, Ride the Sun, Supergiant, Behold! the Monolith, Green & Wood, Aranya, Salvador, Lead Burns Red and Dirt Communion. Sponsors for the event include Doom Metal Alliance, All That’s Heavy Shop, Foundry of Doom Radio and Hellride Music. The event starts at 2pm and goes for 12 hours. Advance tickets are available now for $20 from

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