Guhts Announce East Coast Tour Supporting Regeneration LP


Following on from the late-January release of their debut album, Regeneration (review here), New-York-and-then-some-based post-metallic earthscorchers Guhts today announce a round of Spring touring to support the record. The East Coast run takes begins in Philadelphia April 15 and concludes on a back-northbound swing April 24 after a drive from Richmond (not nothing; hope you like I-95), hitting Arlene’s Grocery the final night. There’s one TBA, and I’m honestly not sure if they have a show for it or not, but if you’re somewhere between Birmingham and Richmond — Charlotte, NC, maybe? Knoxville, TN? — and you’ve got a stage and can put the band up for an evening, you could tick your I-did-a-good-thing-today box early by at least asking if you can help out. I’ve talked to Scott Prater and Amber Burns before. They’re pretty friendly.

The record, on the other hand, tends the other way. Channeling its emotive crux in the latter’s vocals as well as the sometimes willfully caustic, weighted-even-in-its-quiet-parts sprawl behind her, Regeneration gets furious but isn’t reliant on anger or aggression at its core. And where 2021’s debut Blood Feather EP (review here) felt like the beginning of an exploration because it very definitely was, the sense of command throughout Regeneration — even unto those parts where they seem to be letting the songs go where the songs want instead of where they want them to go, maybe especially in those parts — is striking. Guhts know what they want to do sound-wise, likewise raw and mindful. They did it in the studio (with Andy Frickin’ Patterson, no less). Now they’ll do it at shows in cities most of which they haven’t hit before. If still reading and you’re the type to show up, it would be advisable.

Dates follow:

guhts regeneration spring tour

GUHTS – Regeneration Spring Tour 2024
April 15 Century Philadelphia, PA
April 16 The Crown Baltimore, MD
April 17 Monstercade Winston Salem, NC
April 18 The Odd Asheville, NC
April 19 Atlanta Utility Works Atlanta, GA
April 20 Muddy River Madness Vicksburg, MS
April 21 True Story Brewing Birmingham, AL
April 22 TBA
April 23 Banditos Richmond, VA
April 24 Arlene’s Grocery New York, NY

GUHTS are:
Amber Burns – Vocals
Scott Prater – Guitar & Synth
Daniel Martinez – Bass
Brian Clemens – Drums

Guhts, Regeneration (2024)

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  1. SabbathJeff says:

    See youse in Philly, then. GET TO THE GIG! Thanks, JJ.

  2. SabbathJeff says:

    Following up after having gotten to the gig – holy fuck. Want to get to another gig now. See how that works? I came for Boozewa – Mike Rylan & Jess are guaranteed to put a smile on my face. I stayed for Clamfight, who are great live and closed the night by fighting all of the clams. No clam was un-fought. None! And Guhts were in the middle – got damn got damn – force of nature live. So glad I exercised patience and heard them live first. Bought all the CDs. Thanks again, JJ!

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