Seán Mulrooney of Tau and the Drones of Praise Posts “No Two Sides” Solo Single

Seán Mulrooney (Photo by George Hutton)

The song “No Two Sides” is the first public solo work from Seán Mulrooney, who as frontman of Tau and the Drones of Praise reinvigorated lost pieces of spirit with 2022’s Misneach LP (review here). Based around acoustic guitar, duly minimal and subdued, it is nonetheless an intense listen in the protest-song tradition. Vibes off Rolling Stones, solo Lennon, and a flourish of electric psych, it arrives at its chorus, “There are no two sides to genocide/Do nothing to harm the children,” and makes a genuine hook out of tragedy that’s stirring rather than crass.

Certainly warfare among the various tribes in Europe is nothing new, but it sure is terrible. Have you ever explained war to a child who has no concept of it? I have. I put it like this: “It’s the worst thing that human beings can do to each other.”

I mean, what even was the point of the last 80 years of life on earth if we’re here? More genocide? Systematic slaughter? Men, women, children. Doctors. Reporters. These are war crimes my country stands behind ever single day. I am complicit just by existing. So are you. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, and there’s always the chance it won’t get better.

End all war. Today, preferably. Everybody just stops. I’m not saying there aren’t intractable issues between groups of people on an increasingly heated planet burning through resources like birthday candles, but to believe there’s no possible better answer to that than, “I kill you and take that thing,” is to completely lack faith in our species’ ability to grow. Millions of years of evolution argue other avenues.

From the PR wire:

SEÀN MULROONEY – New Song to Promote Peace in Palestine, ‘No Two Sides’

Release Date: Friday, 15th December 2023
#NoTwoSides #ChristmasNo2

In solidarity with Palestine and over 7,000 children murdered since October 7th (including 33 Israeli children), Irish singer Seán Mulrooney releases his first single as a solo artist.

After his recent ‘Misneach’ album release and tour with Tau and the Drones of Praise, Mulrooney was moved to express in a song what thousands of people have been demonstrating each week on the streets of Dublin.

‘No Two Sides’ is a clarion call for compassion and peace. It is a reminder of our collective humanity and a deliberate naming of that which so many are failing to name; genocide. “I want the perpetrators and conspirators of this genocide to hear our message loud and clear; ‘Even with the violence, we will not be silenced. Our love is greater than fear’.”

Mulrooney sings and plays guitar with support from Stefan Murphy (guitar and backing vocals) and Ellowen (backing vocals & percussion). The track was recorded in HellFire Studios Dublin.

Cover art was created by Dee Mulrooney. The piece, called ‘Every Child is Sacred’ was inspired by a photo from Palestinian photographer, Motaz Azaiza.

Mulrooney says “We are hoping that people across Ireland and the world will support this single and help it reach #2 in the Irish charts. Please buy on iTunes or Bandcamp from Friday 15th December to ensure it charts and please share widely.”

All proceeds will go to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Seán Mulrooney, “No Two Sides” (2023)

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