E-L-R Touring with Sylvaine and Wolves in the Throne Room

Good band. E-L-R have two tours lined up for this Spring. The first is underway now and it’s alongside Sylvaine, and the second is next month with Wolves in the Throne Room. The Swiss trio aren’t exactly black metal, but listening to last year’s Vexier (review here), you can hear where they’d fit on a bill. But they could just as easily be out with doom bands, or post-metal, or (not heavy) post-rock, or whathaveyou, and their material would apply. That’s a strength resulting from the amorphous style in which they work, drawing seemingly divergent elements together and turning dug-in intensity into a soundscape of its own, let alone any of their actually-intended-to-be-atmospheric parts.

If that’s not enough to get you to listen to Vexier — which, let’s face it, is the point here; you’ll either go to a show or you won’t — it was released on Prophecy Productions. That’s an automatic call to hear it, as far as I’m concerned. Probably should’ve led with that, actually. If only to save some time.

E-L-R have fest dates after these tours, including Prophecy Fest in Germany this September, and hopefully they’ll be back out in the Fall as well. After Vexier and the prior 2019 debut, Mænad (review here), I’ve got high hopes for their third record, but I’m not about to tell them to rush it. This kind of thing, it’s almost better if they let it happen organically. If that means it’s 2025 or 2026, I’ll take it. It’s been about a full year since it came out and I still feel like I’m getting to know Vexier, though that may just be a perpetual thing. We’ll see I guess.

From the PR wire:


E-L-R on tour with Sylvaine and Wolves in the Throne Room

Doomgaze shooting stars E-L-R are about to embark on their first of two European tours. The Swiss trio will accompany Norwegian artist Kathrine Shepard a.k.a. Sylvaine in the south of Europe throughout March, and afterwards share stages with American black metal unit Wolves in the Throne Room in April. In addition to those tours, E-L-R have announced further shows and festival performances including Voidfest and Prophecy Fest in Germany for later this year.

Please find all currently confirmed dates below.

E-L-R comment: “We can hardly wait until the tour with our friends from Sylvaine will begin, although it will happen in only a few days now”, states bass player and vocalist I.R. on behalf of the trio. “There are more shows to come this year and we sincerely hope to meet you all on the road for at least one of them!”

E-L-R will be touring in support of their current album “Vexier”. Vexier buy link: http://lnk.spkr.media/elr-vexier

E-L-R Live
06 MAR 2023 Düdingen (CH) Bad Bonn +Sylvaine
07 MAR 2023 Marseille (FR) Le Molotov +Sylvaine
08 MAR 2023 Toulouse (FR) Connexion +Sylvaine
09 MAR 2023 Barcelona (ES) Bóveda +Sylvaine
10 MAR 2023 Madrid (ES) Wurlitzer Ballroom +Sylvaine
11 MAR 2023 Lisboa (PT) LAV Lisboa ao Vivo +Sylvaine
12 MAR 2023 Porto (PT) Hard Club +Sylvaine
31 MAR 2023 Salzburg (AT) Rockhouse Bar +Karg +Lûs + Ancst
08 APR 2023 Göteborg (SE) Brewhouse +Wolves in the Throne Room
09 APR 2023 Aarhus (DK) Voxhall +Wolves in the Throne Room
11 APR 2023 Stockholm (SE) Slaktkyrkan +Wolves in the Throne Room
12 APR 2023 Malmö (SE) KB +Wolves in the Throne Room
13 APR 2023 Berlin (DE) Lido +Wolves in the Throne Room
14 APR 2023 Dresden (DE) Chemiefabrik +Wolves in the Throne Room
15 APR 2023 Wiesbaden (DE) Kesselhaus +Wolves in the Throne Room
16 APR 2023 Münster (DE) Sputnikhalle +Wolves in the Throne Room
17 APR 2023 München (DE) Backstage +Wolves in the Throne Room
18 APR 2023 Winterthur (CH) Gaswerk +Wolves in the Throne Room
19 APR 2023 Karlsruhe (DE) Stadtmitte +Wolves in the Throne Room
17 Mai 2023 Aarau (CH) KIFF +Crowbar
11 AUG 2023 Regensburg (DE) Void Fest
7-9 SEP 2023 Balve (DE) Prophecy Fest

S.M. – guitar, vocals
I.R. – bass, vocals
M.K. – drums



E-L-R, Vexier (2022)

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