The Obelisk Show on Gimme Metal Playlist: Episode 66

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Good show. Starts heavy, stays heavy. Gets a little rocking by the end, but even the Acidemia jam that caps has a good sense of heft behind it. I noticed last episode had a pretty fair amount of drift — and this one isn’t entirely without, as you’ll notice — but I guess sometimes those aggro tendencies surface. Plus I’ve been very much enjoying the new LLNN album, and you can’t really start with that and not keep going with more extreme fare. Or I can’t, anyway. Or at least I didn’t. So there.

The Pecan joined in on the voice tracks, which was fun. I tried to get him to say his letters but he was like “up yours,” as ever. He knows them, and I guess that’ll have to do for now. But he got such a kick out of hearing himself on the playback that he started sprinting back and forth across the sectional in our living room, so I’m glad to know he at least enjoys taking part, even if having your toddler on is about as un-metal a thing I can think of. I’ve always maintained I have no business being on Gimme, even before they renamed it. It’s nice to be right every once in a while, even if it’s gonna feel bad when they eventually shitcan me.

Either way, thanks for listening and/or reading. I hope you enjoy.

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Full playlist:

The Obelisk Show – 08.20.21

LLNN Obsidian Unmaker
Yanomamo Dig 2 Graves Yanomamo/Slomatics Split
Churchburn Scarred Genocidal Rite
Sky Pig The Strain Hell is Inside You
Guhts Eyes Open Blood Feather
Year of No Light Réalgar Consolamentum
Blackwater Holylight Around You Silence/Motion
Deep Tomb Endless Power Through Breathless Sleep Deep Tomb
Starless Pendulum Hope is Leaving You
Craneium Shine Again Unknown Heights
Kal-El Mica Dark Majesty
Crystal Spiders Morieris Morieris
Solemn Lament Celeste Solemn Lament
Acidemia Caximbo Podridão

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