High on Fire, Electric Messiah: Sanctioned Annihilation

high on fire electric messiah

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Since¬† How To Conduct Research For A Research Paper : Buy essays online cheap ó Buy cheap papers | Pay for essay writing ē Essay writer service. High on Fire debuted on¬† Our linker is considered the best online service in US,UK and Australia. So,stop searching help my college assignment and hire E1 in 2010 with¬† Best Writers 30 Days Money Back 3 hours Delivery at Critical Thinking Application Paper Subjects: custom essays, term papers, research papers, thesis papers and dissertations Snakes for the Divine¬†(review here) after leaving¬† Relapse Records following 2007’s¬†Jack Endino-produced¬†Death is This Communion¬†(discussed here), the arc of their progression has seen them become more and more of a metal band, trading thickness of tone for a sharper edge to the aggression in¬†Pike‘s riffs and to the presentation of their production.¬†Luminiferous was perhaps the most fervent example of this, though¬†Snakes for the Divine is arguably the cleanest-sounding¬†High on Fire¬†release in terms of the actual recording.¬†Electric Messiah, slightly longer than its two immediate predecessors at 56 minutes and nine tracks, beefs up the tones from¬†Pike‘s guitar and¬†Matz‘s bass and, in combination with the always-vicious impact of¬†Kensel‘s drumming — somehow still an underrated factor in the band 18 years after their debut,¬†The Art of Self-Defense, saw its first release¬†— it makes for some of the chewiest output¬†High on Fire have had in more than a decade going back to¬†Death is This Communion if not¬†2005’s¬†Blessed Black Wings (discussed here).

That doesn’t mean¬†High on Fire are playing the stoner thrash of their earliest days, but it does mean that to go along with their ripping speed and tight performances, there’s an underlying bombast to songs like opener “Spewn from the Earth,” “The Pallid Mask” and closer “Drowning Dog,” the latter two of which touch on cleaner vocal styles from¬†Pike —¬†who’s long flirted with melody amid his harsher shouts — that adds further dimension to the sound of¬†Electric Messiah on the whole. The well-publicized lead single/title-track, with lyrics written reportedly in homage to¬†Lemmy Kilmister of¬†Mot√∂rhead, to whom¬†Pike has often been compared, is a full-on scorcher as it inevitably would be, and along with the later “Freebooter” and the aforementioned opener, is among the fastest cuts here, but even these songs showcase a heft of tone on the part of the guitar and bass — frankly, the drums don’t exactly lack weight either — that ties them to the march in longer pieces like nine-minute second track “Steps of the Ziggurat/House of Enlil” and “Sanctioned Annihilation.”

high on fire

Appearing at the end of side B on the first of the two LPs, “Sanctioned Annihilation” is notable on its face for, at 10:29, being the longest song¬†High on Fire have ever written; they only other time they touched the 10-minute mark was “Master of Fists” from¬†The Art of Self-Defense, which was 10:06. They don’t waste the time, and instead offer one of their most dynamic compositions, moving from a quiet but tense beginning into a raucous double-kick assault before shifting into a triplet-gallop that consumes the track’s middle third and perhaps sees¬†Pike taking some influence from¬†YOB‘s¬†Mike Scheidt, who’s made the staccato chugs something of a trademark, though again, it’s an opportunity for¬†Kensel to demonstrate just how special a player he is as he locks step with¬†Matz and¬†Pike on his bass drum and lends a severity that is as much militaristic as it is barbarians-coming-over-the-hill. “Sanctioned Annihilation” moves into further war-drum thud and one of¬†Pike‘s many impressive carbon-burning solos, but remains informed by that rhythmic surge, and as the second LP moves into expanded sonic territory with “The Pallid Mask” and the righteously for-the-converted,¬†HighonFire-being-HighonFire — the band acting as their own aesthetic — “God of the Godless,” the sprawl of “Sanctioned Annihilation” continues to have an effect on the listener.

It is not a minor undertaking at nearly an hour long, and it’s not a minor undertaking in terms of its sound — one could easily get out of breath just trying to keep up with the band even in their slower moments — but each piece on the second LP earns its place, whether its the familiar of “God of the Godless,” which is the kind of track that as one comes back for multiple listens only seems to land harder and harder, or the blistering “Freebooter,” which reinvents Slayer‘s moodier ping-ride-isms en route to an absolute massacre. With both over six minutes, the closing duo of “The Witch and the Christ” and “Drowning Dog” are something of a salvo unto themselves, but the former alternates between nods and headbangs, and the finale, again, “Drowning Dog” almost seems to sneak in its more rock-based approach while still remaining consistent in tone and its noisy affect. It’s not out of place by any means, but put next to a song like “Steps of the Ziggurat/House of Enlil,” which isn’t entirely void of melody either in its layers of guitar or later vocals, it’s moving toward a different end.

Such grit isn’t new for High on Fire, but what makes Electric Messiah stand out as it does is how it blends new and old within the band’s particular sound. High on Fire remain one of the most recognizable acts in metal regardless of subgenre, and Electric Messiah reshapes that sphere as it sees fit to best serve the songs. For all its brashness and axe-swinging triumphs, it’s unquestionably the work of professionals on all fronts — that includes Ballou certainly, and Skinner, who did the cover art — and it finds High on Fire marking their 20th year with a reaffirmation of who they are, were and will be not just by trodding out expected elements, but by using them in fresh-sounding and exciting ways. They’re big enough that there will be opinions on all sides, but established fans will have no trouble getting on board with Electric Messiah‘s bludgeoning revelry.

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  1. Connor Magowan says:

    Great review, I don’t think I’ve ever been more hyped for an album tomorrow, all the reviews that have come in recently, including this one, and really positive, bar one, that said it was uncreative and didn’t flow well. But I’m guessing who ever did that review is just a straight cynic.
    Thank you

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