Beerwolf Set Aug. 24 Release for Planetfall on Ripple Music


Floridian word-mashers Beerwolf released their Planetfall album last October on their own, and next month they’ll issue a physical pressing via Ripple Music, whose proven model of snagging bands with successful runs on Bandcamp would seem once more to be paying riffy dividends. The vested three-piece made their debut with Oracle Prophecy in 2015 and bring together spacious leadwork and classic heavy rolling groove with just an edge of elder metal on the eight-minute “Hunters of Night” while the penultimate “Magic Warbird” has a well-punctuated strut that’s straight-up ’70s vinyl fodder. You can hear it yourself in streaming the record in full via the player at the bottom of this post — wonderful future we live in, apart from all the horror — and the PR wire updates with the latest release details and background, as the PR wire will.

Dig this cover art. I feel like I wanna give bonus points for a smoke-whale-in-space. I don’t think I’ve seen one before, and if you have, I’d love to know where:

beerwolf planetfall

BEERWOLF: Floridian blues doom trio to release Planetfall album on Ripple Music

Planetfall by Beerwolf is officially released worldwide on 24th August through Ripple Music

Ripple Music is thrilled to announce the official worldwide release of Planetfall, the sophomore album by Floridian blues doom trio, Beerwolf.

Originally self-released last October, the album quickly came to Ripple Music’s attention, largely via cult commendations from fans, players and followers alike across the online community. Throbbing with doom-laden and imposing compositions like, ‘Serpentine Fiend’ and ‘Haze Arcane’, along with phased riffs and pulsating rhythms, for the Tampa Bay trio Planetfall marks a huge step up from their 2015 debut, Oracle Prophecy.

For those that already au fait with the old school aesthetics of 70’s hard and classic rock, gnarly and gnarled desert fuzz and swirling guitar solos, Beerwolf were practically raised to hunt you down. And now, thanks to the solid appreciation of those at Ripple Music they will have that rare second chance to make a killer first impression, on a grander stage and to a wider audience when the album gets its official worldwide release next month.

Planetfall by Beerwolf is officially released worldwide on 24th August through Ripple Music. Stream and share the album in full here and pre-order from Ripple Music here.

1. Planetfall
2. Eagle Shirt
3. Hunters of Night
4. Haze Arcane
5. Crom’s Steel
6. Serpentine Fiend
7. Opium Meadows
8. Magick Warbird
9. Epilogue

Jason Kleim – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Matthew Howland – Guitar
AJ Prasad – Drums

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