Foghound Post Slideshow Video for Benefit Single “Keep on Shoveling”


Last week, Baltimore heavy rockers Foghound and their label, Ripple Music, teamed up to reveal the benefit single Keep on Shoveling (posted here) to honor the memory of Rev. Jim Forrester, their bassist, who was murdered in December outside the tattoo shop where he worked in Fells Point. All proceeds from the name-your-price download, which you can engage via the Bandcamp player at the bottom of this post, go to Jim‘s wife and family for funeral expenses and whatever else. Really, if you’re asking what they’re using the money for, fuck you. Just give it to them and leave it at that.

Not that they need to make the case to contribute to the cause any more than by pointing out the simple fact that the cause exists — because jesus tapdancing christ somebody fucking shot Jim Forrester — but Foghound drummer Chuck Dukehart III, who was also a bandmate of Jim‘s in Serpents of Secrecy and Sixty Watt Shaman, put together a slideshow video of shots of Jim kicking ass and taking names on stage, which was pretty much how he did no matter which band he happened to be playing with that the time. There’s a couple of my photos in there from seeing Foghound at Vultures of Volume II (review here) in 2015 as well, and it’s nice to be included, but the truth is you shouldn’t even need to watch the video to be convinced. You should just buy the track and donate.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. The video’s there, so watch it. Then by the track. Or buy the track first, then watch the video. Whatever order you want works.


Foghound, “Keep on Shoveling” slideshow video

Foghound – “Keep On Shoveling” Benefit Single For The Family Of Rev Jim Forrester.

Released January 2nd 2017 On Ripple Music.

All proceeds from downloads of this song will go directly to benefit the family.

Rev. Jim Forrester was murdered, as you may know, leaving behind a grieving widow just before Christmas. This is the newest Foghound song, tracked with Frank Marchand while working on the new full length album, and was to be used as a special split 7″ project. Instead, we’re releasing it now to benefit the family of Rev Jim.

About this track, Chuck Dukehart III, Rev’s good friend and band mate in Foghound, had this to say: “It’s funny, because I actually wrote the lyrics to this song about perseverance in the face of adversity, specifically with him in mind after his first big health scare, but it’s kind of a universal truth.

Keeping on keeping on, no matter the odds and the bullshit thrown in your way….

Foghound, “Keep on Shoveling”

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    “Hey man, what are they usin’ the money for?”

    “FUCK YOU.”

    “Oh. Here’s ten.”

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