Friday Full-Length: Core, Revival

Core, Revival (1996)

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It makes sense when one considers a style with attitude and weight in tone, and listening to Try our 'edit my paper' service right now! Professional essay proofreader will help you to complete a Advantages of our Core‘s Master Thesis On Knowledge Management Service Hassle-Free. When you decide to pay for cheap thesis writing, the customer experience you receive should go beyond the money you pay for it. Our website is quite user-friendly. You can open an account with us through a few mouse clicks. Our order form is also simple and easy to use. All you have to do is indicate the discipline your thesis falls under and then leave the crucial instructions that must be followed. Getting cheap services has been made easier with Revival — at 10 tracks and an hour long, plus 13 minutes of noise tacked onto the end of closer “Face” — they make a strong case for fuzz riffing as the answer¬†for where to go next. The Long Branch trio of guitarist/vocalist¬† Finn Ryan¬†— now of¬†The Atomic Bitchwax —¬†bassist¬†Carmine Pernini and drummer¬†Tim Ryan worked with¬†Billy Anderson on the album’s production and were probably at that point very much operating in¬†Monster Magnet‘s shadow, as much of their scene would continue to do for the better part of the next decade. One can hear that influence in some of the spaced-out elements of opener “Way Down” — to say nothing of the “woo!” — or in the languid oozing of the 10-minute “Earth,” but¬†Revival has as much crunch as it does cosmos, as the¬†Alice in Chains-style melodies of “Cleargod,” the slower-nodding “Mosquito Song” and “Black Sand” showcased, and there were even a couple radio singles to be found in “Shift,” “Liquid” and “Kiss the Sun,” the latter of which remains a staple of¬†The Atomic Bitchwax‘s live show. Topping an hour,¬†Core had plenty of time to be multifaceted, and they were — here sounding like an East Coast answer to¬†Fu Manchu or a precursor to¬†Nebula, and there opening wide to the massive roll of “Sawdust” or “Face” itself, which remains a prescient blend of psychedelia, heavy fuzz and doom that was all the more a fresh blend two decades ago.

As it played out, stoner rock was not the next great commercial movement.¬†Monster Magnet had a few significant hits, and¬†Clutch got some airplay, but after a while, rap-rock and n√ľ-metal took hold of the commercial sphere, labels became more inclined to acquire independent imprints than independent bands, and stoner rock became heavy rock, splintering into countless subgenres as it spread through a worldwide underground that only continues to flourish, never having really received a great major push. Maybe the timing was wrong. Maybe the marketing was wrong — 20 years ago, “stoner” was still a dirty word in the US. Maybe the line between grunge and those early stoner records —¬†Acid King‘s¬†Zoroaster,¬†the¬†stuff the¬†Melvins were doing,¬†Fu Manchu‘s¬†No One Rides for Free, not to mention NJ acts like¬†Godspeed (who were a little more metal but would spawn both¬†Solace and¬†The Atomic Bitchwax from their ranks) and¬†Daisycutter (who had¬†Tim Cronin and¬†Ed Mundell in the lineup along with¬†Jim and¬†Reg Hogan, who went on to form¬†Solarized) — was too thin and people wanted a radical shift rather than an evolution. There are any number of ways to look at this era. Like I said, it was a strange time. Bands were doing pivotal work,¬†Core included — their 1999 follow-up,¬†The Hustle is On, further solidified their trippy roll and was released by¬†M.I.A./Tee Pee — and smaller labels like¬†Man’s Ruin,¬†Tee Pee,¬†Bong Load, and so on, were having an impact that still resonates, so while platinum records and massive airplay weren’t necessarily in the cards, one can only look at what heavy rock became and is still becoming and call it a success. As a representative of its epoch¬†and a clarion to future development,¬†Core‘s¬†Revival is a shining document waiting for rediscovery.

Please note: Because the entire album isn’t on YouTube, I’ve had to make due with what’s available. The playlist above does not have “Way Down” included, but¬†Revival is available used on the cheap via a variety of purveyors digital and physical, and you’re resourceful, so I figured it was better than nothing and those who wanted to dig deeper would be free to do so.

Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Closing out the week with Core was a pick by a reader named Alex who checked in via comment to another post, so never let it be said I don’t take requests. Actually, he had a whole list from which I may pluck others. When was the last time you seriously considered the Celestial Season catalog in context? Exactly.

I don’t even know what kind of week this was, quick or not. I was trucking I suppose until Wednesday. Left work early to go to a doctor’s appointment up north, up by where I used to work before I got the Hasbro gig this summer, and decided to go visit my old office to say hi to the people there, who were never the problem. It was like 3PM by the time we left, and The Patient Mrs. and I wound up sitting in traffic for two life-sucking hours to get home. Reminded me of how much I hated making that drive every day. Really, by the time I got off I-95, I was cursing at people. Just awful.

Since then, absolutely dead on my feet. Just demolished. Wednesday night? Wreck. Yesterday, same. Today, I’m the kind of tired where I feel like I can’t even hold my head up without actually using a hand to help support it. I want to crumple into a pile of skin and sleep until I feel human again. Or at least as close to it as I ever get.

Today I’m working a little late as well, which I expect will be a different kind of torturous, but kind of needs to happen to make up the time. Need money, is the bottom line. Holidays are coming, I’ve taken a lot of days off for a dude who’s only worked at a place for like four months, so yeah. I’ll be at my desk if you need me. At least until it’s time to go pick the dog up at doggy daycare, which she started this week and to our pleasant surprise did not explode from the change in her routine. Hate leaving the dog home alone and she can’t come with me to this office, so there you have it.

Here’s what’s in the notes for next week:

Mon: Full stream/review of the Krobak record, an announcement about a certain festival in Maryland and a video premiere from Dead Witches.
Tue: Review of the Seedy Jeezus & Isaiah Mitchell collaboration, plus the new 11Paranoias video.
Wed: Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard review.
Thu: Ten East review, because it hasn’t quite been desert-y enough around here lately yet.
Fri: Full EP stream from Balam-offshoot The Sweet Heat.

I’ll fill out with other stuff and there’s news to come, of course, but that’s at least what’s going to be reviewed as of now throughout the week. Could move around. It looked totally different yesterday morning than yesterday afternoon, so always fluid to some degree.

Anything else? How are you? I hope you’re good. Think this post is long enough?

I hope you have a great and safe weekend. Please enjoy. Drink good coffee, eat good food, be with people you love, rock and roll, and please check out the forum and the radio stream. Thank you for reading.

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3 Responses to “Friday Full-Length: Core, Revival

  1. Alex says:

    Great! Thanks. Loved it.

  2. libertycaps says:

    FYI. Pretty sure The Hustle is On is the Core debut. Revival is awesome too.

  3. libertycaps says:

    Derp. My bad. Memory is getting worse & worse all the time. The Hustle is On also comes highly recommended. Vintage 90’s Stoner Rock 101.

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