Mondo Drag Release The Occultation of Light Feb. 26

I’m not saying I’ve heard it yet or anything, or that I wrote a bio for it that I’ll be posting here sooner or later, but Mondo Drag‘s new album, The Occultation of Light, for which you can see the art and tracklisting below, is a pretty significant step forward from where they were on earlier-2015’s much-adored self-titled LP (review here), and while it’s a quick turnaround from the Cali-via-Iowa outfit in terms of releases, it’s worth remembering that the self-titled was actually recorded back in 2012, as well as with a different rhythm section.

The bigger shift is in terms of sound, however. The Occultation of Light pretty brazenly takes on classic prog ideals while holding onto the open, lysergic vibes of its predecessors, and its songs retain the richness that made the self-titled so ready for repeat listens. I’m sure I’ll have more about it before the release — like that bio that I’m not saying I wrote — but here are some preliminaries:

mondo drag the occultation of light

Mondo Drag Release “The Occultation of Light” on Feb. 26 via RidingEasy Records

Mondo Drag, the transplated Bay Area band (originally hailing from Iowa), release The Occultation of Light on Feb. 26, 2016.

“Each of our albums has directional changes in songwriting and this third chapter is no exception,” says vocalist/keyboardist John Gamino. “Since moving to Oakland, we’ve been privy to the large amount of music that flows through a major cultural center. We’ve seen legendary acts like Magma, King Crimson, Goblin, and Yes. We are always trying to expand our sonic range and we definitely explore some new areas on the new album that we’ve not been to before.”

Produced by fellow Bay Area resident Phil Manley (Trans Am, Wooden Shjips), the album was recorded live, tracked and mixed on analog tape at El Studio in San Francisco following a tour with Electric Citizen and Slow Season.

The Occultation of Light track list:
Out of Sight
Rising Omen
Incendiary Procession
The Eye
In Your Head (Parts I & II)
Dying Light
Ride The Sky (Bonus Track)

Mondo Drag is John Gamino (vocals/keys), Nolan Girard (guitar/synth), Jake Sheley (guitar), Andrew O’Neil (bass) and Ventura Garcia (drums).

Mondo Drag, Live at Saint Vitus Bar, July 18, 2015

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