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Danish newcomer foursome Silhouette will make their debut with Die the Fire next week. I’m not sure whether it’s an EP or an LP, ultimately. They seem to go back and forth between one and the other, but if it’s a short first record, a full-length, I doubt anyone would hold that against it, particularly as the Fredericia outfit seem to have the swinging Uncle Acid-style occult vibe so thoroughly nailed down and balance it against proggy spaciousness as demonstrated on the song “What I Became,” which you can hear below. If you’re listening and you’re not sure what I’m talking about, make sure you get past the four-minute mark. It’ll start to make more sense.

That kind of immediate breadth is engaging, and it leaves me wondering what else they might have in store for the record. About a week to go. If you’re looking to get informed, the news might be a good way to do that:

silhouette die the fire

Silhouette to release their debut album ”Die the Fire” on Friday the 13th of November

The Genre is Dark Rock where elements from the 70’s and 80’s hard rock and occult/shock rock is weaved together to a personal sound and style. Romantic and melancholic melodies get a grotesque edge from the scary and obscure face of rock music.

The band’s debut ”Die the Fire” which is released on November 13th, contains of six tracks that unfolds in a dynamic explosion of psychedelic details and a great interaction between lapsteel guitar and true hammond rock organ.

”Die the Fire” was recorded during winter 2013 in a rented summer cottage surrounded by cold, barren dunes close to the North Sea. During the recording there was also DIY ongoing, which was everything from technics and production to practical things as dragging gear and setting everything up. The recording was performed partially separately but all drum and bass is recorded together like the track “The Great Orange Sky” which was recorded live with the full band.

The release was intended to be an EP with a bit more “stuffing” than normal EP’s. The choice of songs on the record was made based on the opportunity to present the listener with a wide range of silhouettes, different musical themes and shades.

Tobie who has written the music and lyrics to all ”Die the Fires” six tracks says: ”If I should name other artists that make up a significant source of inspiration sheer musically in relation to the material on this record, it could be bands like Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep and Mercyful Fate.

Lyrically it stretches widely but the general atmosphere is carried by melancholic and bleak themes. Silhoutte grapples with chaotic forces and actions in life and tries to express this through lyrics. Realisation of and uncertainty in relation to life and death, magick and general extraordinary natural and astrological phenomenon’s are all topics that underpin the band’s music.

“Die the Fire” is mixed by Kasper Thomas in cooperation with the band itself and mastered by Mads Christensen (Rillbar). Surrounding “Die the Fire” physically is the detailed artwork of the artist Aslak Serpens that spurs contemplation.

On stage, Silhouettes universe is presented effectively and atmospherically. The dark and occult themes are effectively in play together with the bands hard, atmospherically full and melodious progressive sound. The band’s first live appearance was when they opened Metal Magic Festival, Fredericia, in the summer of 2014. Besides this the band has performed in Poland this summer and has also performed at the Mono Goes Metal festival in January 2015 together as well as the Culture Night in Kolding in august.

Silhouette, made up by Tobie (lead vocal, bass) Tommie (drummer, vocal) Stefan (guitar, lapsteel, vocal) and Eric (organ/keys, guitar, vocal), started back in 2012 when Tobie and Tommie got together and started writing songs. It is a band with a common background in Fredericia and Kolding, they are all friends who are gathered around a journey of the soul and an idea of how rock music should sound and be interpreted.

Silhouette, “What I Became”

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  1. Demoffola says:

    That is stunning, look forward to hearing the full album.

  2. Silhouette says:

    Thanks a lot, Demoffola! Means a lot… Check out our Facebook page for more news!

    Best, Silhouette

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