Electric Citizen Seeking Full-Time Keyboardist

electric citizen

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I don’t imagine it’ll be long before they find somebody, but they’ve given out their contact info for anyone interested in applying — they’ll be accepting curricula vitae until an unspecified date — and if you think you’re a fit, what the hell? Worth a shot for sure:

electric citizen keyboardist wanted


We’ve worked with some stellar keys players in the studio, but we’ve decided it’s time to look for one that can tour. Laura would LOVE to add another girl to the band, but ALL inquiries are welcome. Must be able to tour for a good chunk of 2016. Living near Cincinnati, Ohio is a bonus. We have a Nord Electro 3 ready for use.

Those interested should contact: electriccitizenband@gmail.com

Please help us spread the word!


Electric Citizen, “Light Years Beyond” official video

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