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The nod is persistent, and even on the airier “And Yet it Moves” — something you might say about the band’s sound itself — you wouldn’t be wrong to call it brutal, but there’s a human presence in the material as well, and I have a hard time thinking that as¬†Slomatics¬†wreak all this aural havoc they’re not also having a really good time doing it. That’s not to say there’s some element of irony here, just that¬†Majury,¬†Couzens¬†and¬†Harvey¬†seem to revel in the harsh riffscape they create. And why not? “And Yet it Moves” is a highlight for the interplay of lead and rhythm lines, but even when¬†Couzens¬†and¬†Majury¬†are locked into simultaneous plod-riffing¬†√† la “Futurian” or the opening “Troglorite,” the output is righteous in its heaviness — the opener particularly indebted to¬†Floor but darker in atmosphere — and exciting in its delivery.¬†Estron¬†works cleanly in two sides, four tracks on side A, three on side B, and the transitions between songs are direct bleeds, usually via feedback, but the resultant over-arching flow isn’t to be understated, and on the CD version, even “Lost Punisher,” which would close out side A of the vinyl, moves right into “And Yet it Moves,” which would otherwise come after the flip to side B. It’s emblematic of¬†Estron¬†being a well-thought-out release, rather than a happenstance collection of badass riffs, and it serves to inform about¬†Slomatics¬†approach as a whole. Their songwriting is likewise purposeful, whether it’s the hook of “Troglorite” or the sparse, minimal opening of “The Carpenter” that emerges from “Red Dawn” and builds to a gradual head over the track’s first four minutes. In between,¬†Slomatics¬†offer variety of pace, shift between levels of aggression, and keep a strong sense of atmosphere in moments like the midsection break of “Tunnel Dragger,” which drones out a hypnotic ambience before moving back in for the next round of pummeling.


And make no mistake, many of¬†Estron‘s finest stretches¬†arise from those pummeling moments, be it the shorter barrage on “Futurian” and the CD-centerpiece “Lost Punisher” or the album’s immersive second half, with “And Yet it Moves,” “Red Dawn” and “The Carpenter.” Either way¬†Slomatics¬†go, they carefully manage a balance of heft and spaciousness throughout while sounding anything but careful. It’s a deceptive record in that one might put it on for the first time, hear¬†Couzens¬†and¬†Majury‘s tones and say, “Okay, I got it,” but though the impact of the guitars is a big part of¬†Slomatics‘ approach, it’s really just one piece of a larger, more dynamic picture, working in concert with the drums and vocals, the largesse, the periodic, well-placed breaks and so on for a complete and engrossing effect.¬†Estron¬†is remarkably cohesive even from a band who’ve been around for a decade, and¬†while¬†Slomatics¬†have clearly established a wheelhouse for themselves in which to work, what they bring to that context is a sense of progression and a willfulness to create a whole album, not just a roundup of songs or parts. In this, they are resoundingly successful. Worth noting as well that¬†Couzens,¬†Majury¬†and¬†Harvey¬†have already issued a follow-up to¬†Estron¬†in the form of a split single with Floridian tone-and-crashers¬†Holly Hunt, who make a fitting companion. It would seem¬†Slomatics¬†are content to keep moving forward and pushing their sound along with them — and yet it moves… — and that is an ethic worth celebrating, because honestly, if they wanted to, they could probably just sit around, bang out cheapo riff grooves and get by just on the badassery of their tones. That they aspire to and are able to create something deeper and more resonant is ultimately what stands them out from any like-minded peers.

Slomatics, Estron (2014)

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