The Dead-End Alley Band Release New Album Odd Stories

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Downloads are cheap, and if you need impetus to hit play on the embedded doodad below,  Read guide to Scholarly Research Paper About Gmos about types, features, and other must-know topics in our headlight restoration kit buying guide guide to buying Javier Kou‘s bass tone should serve nicely:

the dead-end alley band odd stories

People, our 2do Disco ‘ odd stories ‘ is already in Europe, in the format vinilo. But if you do not have tornamesa or you can not wait to come to the records, you can hear you toditititititiiiiiito here. :D to see what you think.

‘Odd Stories’ (2014) is the second studio album of Peruvian psychedelic rock band ‘The Dead-End Alley Band’. It was recorded and produced in Lima, Peru, by Javier Kou, Sebastian Sanchez-Botta and Chino Burga. Edited, manufactured and released on vinyl in Europe by Nasoni Records (Germany) and on CD and tape in Peru by Tóxiko Records and Inti Records (Peru).

This new album is loaded with more heavy, fuzz and stoner scents, that gives the band a new unabashedly sound. An eternal lone and mad trip, through a neverending odd nightmare.

released 20 September 2014

The band:
Javier Kou (Guitars / Bass / Vocals)
Sebastian Sanchez-Botta (Vocals / Organs / Piano)
Leonardo Alva (Lead Guitar at ‘The Cosmic Cry Out’)
Jaime Diaz (Drum)

The staff:
Chino Burga (Producer)
Hans-Georg (Nasoni Records CEO)
Marco Marin (Toxiko Records CEO)
Diego Valdivia (Inti Records CEO)
Jaime Diaz (Drums edition)

The Dead-End Alley Band, Odd Stories (2014)

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