Earth, Primitive and Deadly: There is a Darkness

earth primitive and deadly

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That’s true immediately on opener “Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon,” which crashes into its chugging central riff with a jarring immediacy. Primitive and Deadly¬†is clearly structured for a 2LP, with two shorter songs on sides A and C and one longer song on sides B and D, but anywhere you go and from whatever angle you might want to approach it, the sound is much bigger than one might be used to from¬†Earth.¬†Herzog¬†is a deep-toned bassist and the production — the album was recorded at various points with¬†Mathias Schneeberger,¬†Dave Catching¬†(who assisted) and¬†Randall Dunn¬†(who also mixed and contributed Moog) — brings out a rawness in their sound that their most recent output seems to have pulled away from. If these songs are¬†Earth¬†hitting reset, they’re not by any means forgetting the lessons they’ve learned over the last 10 years, and their sound is as evocative and atmospheric as ever, even if given a more pointed direction with the inclusion of vocals, the first of which arrive from¬†Lanegan¬†on the revivalist themed “There is a Serpent Coming.” His gravelly voice is perfect for Pentecostal forebodings, and there are a couple awkward syllabic turns, but there’s no denying the pairing works.¬†Lanegan¬†is given two songs, side A’s “There is a Serpent Coming” and side C’s “Rooks across the Gate,” which as tracks two and five lead the way into and out of the meat of the album, and¬†Qazi¬†is given one, side B’s 11-minute “From the Zodiacal Light,” but it’s her cut that turns out to be the highlight of both the vocalized half (cleverly spread out through the tracklisting) and of¬†Primitive and Deadly¬†as a whole. Her voice fits the material more smoothly, and she rides the groove of the song — as quintessential¬†Earth¬†as¬†Earth¬†get — in such a way that as the listener, being carried along by it is inevitable. That’s not to mention the resonance of¬†Qazi‘s voice itself, somewhere between breathy and masterful. Hers is the prevailing impression of the album, and she reminds us that the only element missing from¬†Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light¬†— which¬†Carlson¬†positioned as¬†Earth‘s homage to classic psych-folk — was the human otherworldliness.


Late in “From the Zodiacal Light,”¬†Carlson¬†swirls out a psychedelic lead¬†that presages some of what’s to come with side C’s “Even Hell Has its Heroes,” a slightly more gradual start to the second LP’s opener than appeared on the first. Two guest guitarists appear on¬†Primitive and Deadly,¬†Brett Netson¬†and¬†Jodie Cox. I don’t know which of them it might be having a blues jam over the 9:43 “Even Hell Has its Heroes,” and frankly, if you told me it was both I’d probably believe you as there are a number of different tones layered in particularly as the song approaches its midsection, but it’s as close to classic heavy rock as¬†Earth¬†has ever come. The slow progression maintained by¬†Davies,¬†Herzog¬†and¬†Carlson¬†might be a dirge were it not for the extra guitar — a languid march is punctuated by well-mixed bell hits — but as it stands, “Even Hell Has its Heroes” is more glorious than mournful. It is complemented on side C by¬†Lanegan‘s second appearance, “Rooks across the Gates,” a more subdued roller on which he offers a traditional sort of ballad storytelling amid rising tides of guitar and the steady rhythm. He appears for two verses to recount the tale and is gone again, an echo disappearing into a singularly hypnotic moment in the second half with undulating waves of amp noise rumbling out the conclusion on a fade. It seems by the time they get there that there can’t possibly be much for closer “Badgers Bane” to say that¬†Earth¬†haven’t already expressed at one point or another, but in addition to complementing “From the Zodiacal Light” on guitar, the closer also seems to be most tying¬†Primitive and Deadly¬†to¬†Earth‘s modus of this past, productive decade, unfurling its 12:28 runtime patiently as always and continuing to find room to experiment as a long fadeout past the four-minute mark leads to an ambient midsection of vague echoes grounded only by¬†Davies‘ drum march until the song eventually makes a return, shortly after seven minutes in, and carries through past the nine-minute mark, at which point the final chord is sustained into a section of noise and straight droning that closes out. In the final minutes,¬†Earth¬†demonstrate that not only are they willing at this point to most directly engage with their audience — i.e. by adding vocals — but also to continue to push their material well beyond the point of accessibility. It’s ultimately the blend of both that makes “Badgers Bane” such a fitting wrap for¬†Primitive and Deadly, since it underscores the unceasing creative impulse at the heart of what¬†Earth¬†has done. Their influence has spread far and wide from their Seattle roots, but¬†Earth¬†have never stopped progressing or pushing themselves, and even more than who’s singing on what tracks, that’s what stands out about their 10th full-length.

Earth, “From the Zodiacal Light”

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