Travel Day: En Route to Days of the Doomed III

In a bit of her standard brilliance, The Patient Mrs. asked me the other day why I was planning on making the drive out from New Jersey to Days of the Doomed III all at once. My mind a blank (also standard), I told her it was because I didn’t want to spend the money on a motel. Thus it was that I drove yesterday from home to Toledo, where I am now and stayed last night. Before the room was booked, I had set my GPS to go to Ramalama Records (no coincidence I decided Toledo would be the dividing point of the trip), and even though I plugged in the address of this Best Western in after I had the reservation, it still took me there, so I got to do a 20-minute detour after an eight-hour drive to actually get to the hotel last night, but it could’ve been far worse.

Once here, I quickly discovered just how much the internet connection blows — lots! — and got up two posts before needing to conk out. I’d have done more, but loading images took so long I might as well have drawn them myself and taped them to my laptop screen. First world problems. In any case, I’ll be splitting out of here shortly with nothing more than a cup of water spilled on the floor. Not bad for having been here a whole night.

The plan for the day is this:

Step 1: Coffee. And if possible, blueberry muffin.

Step 2: A victorious return to Ramalama Records (on purpose this time), wherein I shall unearth assorted treasures and make begrudging purchases of albums recently reviewed.

Step 3: Onward to Lansing, MI.

Upon arrival in Lansing, I will find one Postman Dan, a supremely good dude who joined me for the trip out to Wisconsin last year and will again for Days of the Doomed III. Kings Destroy are in Chicago tonight, and the fest pre-show at The Blue Pig has Romero on the bill, whom I’d like to see, but after yesterday and with the drive to Cudahy, WI, to come tomorrow, I think the plate is full enough. Perhaps I’ll feel somewhat less overwhelmed once I complete Step 1.

I put it out on Thee Facebooks the other day, but it’s worth reiterating that barring disaster, I will be live-blogging from Days of the Doomed III on Friday night and all day Saturday. I may or may not get the chance to post again beforehand, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing all the bands, and if you’re going, I’ll be the guy with his face buried inexplicably in his laptop.

Days of the Doomed III Schedule

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