Wino Wednesday: The Hidden Hand, “The Last Tree” Live at Emissions from the Monolith VI, 2004

Youngstown on my mind…

As I type this, I’m getting ready to head out to Days of the Doomed III in Wisconsin, and I can’t get on Route 80 and head out past Pennsylvania without at least tipping my hat — note: I never wear hats; ask me about it sometime — to Youngstown, Ohio, which played host to the glory days of the Emissions from the Monolith festival. Held at the Nyabinghi and masterminded by Greg Barratt (also at the time of Tone Deaf Touring), it was for many a Memorial Day weekend unlike any other.

I only had the opportunity to go once, in 2006, where as well as humbly introducing myself to Johnny Arzgarth and handing him a demo from my band, I was “voted off the island” by a buddy of mine who I’m pretty sure was on shrooms at the time. Can’t lie, that still hurts a little, but I guess I had it coming.

But Emissions was the place to be, and as I anticipate driving past Youngstown and maybe making it my stopping point as I divide up the trip to Days of the Doomed III (which has its own atmosphere; less weed, more beer), it seemed only prudent to dig up someĀ Emissions footage for Wino Wednesday. There isn’t much out there, but The Hidden Hand played in 2004 — I actually posted another clip from the set for the second Wino Wednesday post ever — and though the quality isn’t great, I’m sure there are attendees whose memories are even fuzzier. It went like that sometimes.

Spirit CaravanĀ also were supposed to play in 2001, but no dice there. In any case, whether you ever got to Emissions or not — there are some who speak of it as a religious experience; a Hajj of riffs — I hope you enjoy “The Last Tree,” which appeared on the first Hidden Hand album, Divine Propaganda, in 2003, and I hope you have a great Wino Wednesday:

The Hidden Hand, “The Last Tree” live at Emissions from the Monolith VI, 2004

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4 Responses to “Wino Wednesday: The Hidden Hand, “The Last Tree” Live at Emissions from the Monolith VI, 2004”

  1. kokojones says:

    2001 was my first Emissions Fest. Spirit Caravan broke up the day before the Youngstown date. I never got to see them live.

  2. kokojones says:

    D’oh. Nevermind. 2002 was the year they broke up. Fuzzy memories, indeed!

  3. greenskeeper says:

    Sorry dude.

  4. Disgrace says:

    I attended Emissions in 03 and 04, and still to this day besides my trip to Roadburn in 2011, Emissions was one of the best heavy festivals I’ve ever been to.

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