EXCLUSIVE: Saint Vitus Offer Free Download of New Scion A/V Live EP; Tour Starts Tonight!

I’ve done some cool shit in my day. Traveled places I thought I’d never go, seen things I never thought I’d see, and today, it’s my extreme fucking honor to exclusively host for free download a new Scion A/V Metal live EP from the gods themselves, Saint Fucking Vitus.

Get it right here:


The three songs on this new¬†Saint Vitus live EP were recorded earlier this year at the Scion Rock Fest in Tampa, Florida, and there’s a good chance you’ve never heard¬†Dave Chandler‘s guitar sound as buzzsaw-vicious as it does on this version of “The Bleeding Ground.” Full tracklist is as follows:

1. Mystic Lady
2. The Bleeding Ground
3. Born too Late

The occasion we’re marking — other than heretofore unseen levels of awesomeness — is the beginning tonight of Saint Vitus‘ tour with Weedeater and the reportedly at-least-somewhat-revamped lineup of Sourvein.

Saint Vitus will have a limited run of 600 copies 12″ vinyl pressing of the EP available at shows starting early next week, with the Jermaine Rogers artwork screenprinted on the cover.

Don’t miss the tour when it dooms through:

Scion A/V Presents Saint Vitus, w/ special guests Weedeater and Sourvein

9/13 Fort Worth, TX **
9/14 Little Rock, AR *
9/15 Memphis, TN
9/16 Nashville, TN
9/18 Atlanta, GA
9/19 Raleigh, NC
9/20 Richmond, VA
9/21 Huntington, WV
9/22 Lexington, KY
9/23 Pittsburgh, PA
9/24 Boston, MA
9/25 Brooklyn, NY
9/27 Washington, DC
9/28 New York, NY **
9/29 Cleveland, OH
9/30 Chicago, IL
10/1 Minneapolis, MN
10/2 Lawrence, KS
10/3 Denver, CO
10/4 Salt Lake City, UT
10/5 Boise, ID
10/6 Portland, OR
10/7 Seattle, WA
10/9 San Francisco, CA
10/10 Los Angeles, CA
10/11 Sacramento, CA
10/12 Santa Cruz, CA
10/13 Pomona, CA **
10/14 Santa Ana, CA
10/15 Tempe, AZ
10/16 Albuquerque, NM
10/18 Austin, TX

*No Sourvein
**No Weedeater/Sourvein

Scion A/V will also be hosting ticket giveaways, one winner per city, at their @ScionAV Twitter, so hit that up for even more “don’t have to pay for it”-type goodness.

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7 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Saint Vitus Offer Free Download of New Scion A/V Live EP; Tour Starts Tonight!”

  1. mood doom says:

    Pack them bowls!! I aint seen St Vitus….but weedeater twice. The one two punch of Wino and Dixie Dave will measure on the Richter Scale in your town!! Be at the epicenter….

  2. grizzly adams says:

    gaddamn thats a grizzled lookin bunch

  3. bzdup says:

    am i the only one having trouble with unpacking the downloaded files? only thing i get is an empty folder _MACOSX and the feedback from my archiver says “can not open output file” in case of every file that should be inside. I’m using windows xp and 7zip

  4. Rob says:

    My download didn’t even have files – just an empty folder.

  5. deaconcrowe says:

    Good thing this was free…..it sounds like shit. New album rules though!

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