Roadburn Pre-Sale Info Announced; Elder, Amenra, Process of Guilt Added to Lineup

More daydream fodder for those of us who’d make our escapist Roadburn fantasies a reality in 2013. You know, as I watched Elder‘s consciousness-shattering performance at SHoD, I thought to myself, “These guys would kill at Roadburn,” so I’m glad to see they’ll have the opportunity to do so. Neurot acquisitions Amenra will take part as well, presumably with a new album out or on the way, and Process of Guilt too.

Pre-sale info is also included, so make sure you pay close attention to the following:


This year, we are doing things a bit differently in terms of pre-sales. Tickets for Roadburn Festival 2013 will go on sale Thursday, 4 October 2012 at 20:30 CET instead of late November as usual.

The anticipation for next year’s festival has been growing exponentially with each new band announcement, and we have been inundated with questions about tickets. Ultimately, we agreed it would be cruel and unusual punishment to make you wait until the end of November, hence the decision to move up the ticket pre-sales for Roadburn 2013 to 4 October 2012. Circle this date on your calendar, set your alarm and get ready to score your tickets!

You might remember that ticket prices for the 2012 Roadburn Festival rose due to higher taxes imposed on cultural events here in the Netherlands. In the meantime, certain changes have been made and we are pleased to report that tickets for Roadburn 2013 will be slightly less expensive. We wanted to translate that into good news for you, our beloved Roadburn veterans and neophytes alike, as opposed to raising ticket prices again. As most of you know, it was no fun announcing the price hike last year.

Three-day tickets are available for 165,00 euros; four-day tickets are 185,00 euros, and single tickets for The Afterburner are 32,50 euros. The prices listed do not include processing fees. Please note: one-day tickets are not available for the Thursday, Friday or Saturday Roadburn dates.

The majority of Roadburners live outside the Netherlands, which is why ticket pre-sales will start at 20:30 CET. This should be convenient for most time zones. Apologies to our friends in Oceania who will have to wake up early (or just stay up late)!

For everyone in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are aware that your local ticket outlets might not be open when pre-sales start, which is one reason why we are throwing a Roadburn Festival pre-sales party at the 013 venue in Tilburg (NL) on 4 October 2012. Admission if free. During the event, you will be able to purchase a maximum of two paper tickets for Roadburn Festival 2013. Guaranteed!

Just think: no pacing outside a ticket outlet in the freezing rain, no anxiety attack when the guy at the counter hands you two tickets to some eurotrash dance party at a football stadium, and no homicidal urges when the new kid at the shop mumbles: “huh, something’s wrong with the printer…”

Of course, the other reason for the pre-sales party is that it will be a blast! We have invited Switchblade and Bunkur to provide the soundtrack. Both bands have been on the Roadburn radar for quite a while, and this is the perfect opportunity to showcase their riff-heavy explorations. Also, Roadburn’s artistic director/promoter Walter Hoeijmakers will be on hand to share the latest festival updates.

Grab your tickets, bask in the heaviness and get ready to start the official countdown to Roadburn 2013!

Sinners, liars, thieves and heathens: absolution is at hand! Enter the black church of AMENRA on Friday, April 19th in Het Patronaat in Tilburg, Holland. Achieve a state of delirious bliss as the gut-wrenching screams and deafening droning riffs alter your reality, purifying your soul and sending you into paroxysms of ritual ecstasy. Are these post-metal behemoths from West-Flanders (Belgium) demons or demigods? You decide. More info on Amenra here:

It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Boston heavy psych rockers Elder to the Roadburn Festival 2013 roster at the Het Patronaat venue on April 20th.

More info on Elder here:

We are very pleased to bring Portugal’s Process of Guilt to the 2013 Roadburn Festival on Saturday, April 20 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.

More info on Process of Guilt here:

Roadburn Festival 2013, including Electric Wizard’ s curated event, Godflesh playing Pure in its entirety for the first time ever, Neige (Alcest) as Artist-in-Residence and Die Kreuzen reunion among others, will run for four days from Thursday, April 18th to Sunday, April 21st, 2013 (the traditional Afterburner event) at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Holland.

Please visit for more info.

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