audiObelisk EXCLUSIVE: Stream Elder’s Spires Burn/Release 12″ in its Entirety

Fresh off a three-week tour that ended in Providence, Rhode Island, on July 6, ever-progressing Massachusetts trio Elder — guitarist/vocalist Nick DiSalvo, bassist Jack Donovan and drummer Matt Couto — have already released the follow-up to the sophomore outing they were out supporting. A limited 12″ vinyl (450 copies), Spires Burn/Release builds on the heavy psych intricacies of Dead Roots Stirring while keeping the crucial heaviness that has run a thread through Elder‘s work since their 2008 self-titled MeteorCity debut.

Spires Burn/Release is the first vinyl to be issued on the new label imprint of Armageddon Shop, which has physical stores in Boston and Providence (I’ve been there a couple times). The move into releasing music aligns Armageddon with the original label tradition — the first record labels were stores that wanted to sell music from artists around them; this is how the distribution model as we know it came about — and as Elder follow a similar aesthetic imprint of looking back for inspiration in their forward thinking, it’s all the more fitting that the two should join forces on this 12″. And at a full 22 minutes with a song per side, it’s not exactly a quiet entry into the market.

Both tracks on the offering, “Spires Burn” and “Release” have a clear path set out, but like with Dead Roots Stirring, Elder do well to obscure their linear structures with flourishes of elements from modern heavy psychedelia. Very quickly, the trio is becoming something that no other American band can quite claim to be, and as acoustics blend into the finishing moments of “Release,” the will for exploration and sonic expansion — not necessarily a surprise at this point in their career, especially after the last album — is nonetheless plain to hear. If they were to embark on a new era of krautrock-fueled progressive heaviness without losing sight of the groove at the base of their rhythms, well, I think that would be just fine.

Today I have the extreme pleasure of hosting Spires Burn/Release in its entirety for an exclusive stream. You’ll find both tracks on the player below, followed by some info on how to obtain the vinyl from Armageddon Shop even if you’re not in the Northeast and a few thoughts from DiSalvo on how it all came out. As always, I hope you enjoy:

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Spires Burn/Release is, in my opinion, one step closer to our own sound we’ve been cultivating since Dead Roots Stirring. It’s both more “traditionally” heavy at parts and more experimental in ways, incorporating our personal influences of everything from krautrock to doom. Lyrically, the songs take a turn for the darker from DRS as well, and I think the variety of moods conveyed in the songs makes this our most dynamic release to date. — Nick DiSalvo

Elder‘s Spires Burn/Release is available now from Armageddon Shop at their online store. The striking cover art (click image above to enlarge) is by Fred Struckholz. Thanks to the band and label for letting me stream the songs.

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12 Responses to “audiObelisk EXCLUSIVE: Stream Elder’s Spires Burn/Release 12″ in its Entirety”

  1. Ekeiram says:

    Is there any chance that the songs will be available on cd or as a download?

  2. theognidean says:

    Superb music.

  3. George Erby says:

    Excellent stuff. Would like to see these play London.

  4. Jared Tuck says:

    Spectacular, this band always knocks me of my feet, really need a UK gig, I’m from the north, but will certainly travel down if London is the only place getting a gig. Cheers for the riffs \m/

  5. Shagrath says:

    Guys i love your music. Release is such a great song. Thx

  6. Obnox says:

    Nice treat. Cheers!

  7. Mr. Man says:

    It would be fantastic if there were digital copies available. I can’t get enough of these guys.

  8. Nick says:

    Sweet Jebus. This band was great from the start and keeps making enormous leaps forward with every release.

    Legendary shit.

  9. freak says:

    3 months ago I got a copy of DRS then I ordered 1st disc. I very little info on them online at that time. Now I get multiple hits when I searched…And found I just missed them in Providence, RI…damn it!
    I need to get those new releases but have no turntable……damn it again

  10. Corb says:

    Release is a masterpiece. What a mesmerizing track. Holy Christ.

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