audiObelisk: Ides of Gemini’s “Slain in Spirit” from Constantinople Now Available for Streaming

It’s not lacking atmospherically, but there’s something sparse at the core of Ides of Gemini‘s approach on their forthcoming Neurot debut, Constantinople. The guitar particularly affects a sonic spaciousness that gives vocalist/bassist Sera Timms (also of Black Math Horseman) room to soar and croon as she will, her voice like that of a reverb-soaked mystic chanting foreboding prophecies. Timms doesn’t carry the whole of Constantinople all on her own, but it’s clear from the first note she sings that she could if she had to.

Driving the music behind her powerful, striking performance is guitarist/backing vocalist J. Bennett, also a noted music journalist for Decibel and several other print outlets, who brings a sub-black metal tonality to bear in mostly doomed pacing that finds like-minded and subdued accompaniment in the simple drumming of Kelly Johnston. The latter’s work across Constantinople skillfully walks a fine line between enhancing the post-rock ambience and propelling the songs forward, also periodically adding backing vocals to Timms‘ own, while Bennett offers emphasis on each single note he plays, enriching the melody that’s only more gorgeous and lush for the relative minimalism that surrounds.

Today I’m lucky enough to be able to stream the track “Slain in Spirit” from Constantinople, the third of the total nine. With a dirge riff from Bennett and snare march from Johnston, it’s among the most active songs on the album, but Timms‘ vocals resting atop the music as they do is pretty indicative of how the rest of the record is constructed. In any case, I hope you enjoy “Slain in Spirit” on the player below:

[mp3player width=460 height=120 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=ides-of-gemini.xml]

Ides of Gemini‘s Constantinople is due out May 29 with CD and digital release through Neurot Recordings and vinyl/tape on Sige Records. For more info, check out Neurot‘s artist page or find Ides of Gemini on Thee Facebooks.

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