audiObelisk Transmission 026: The Spoils of Adventure

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The last time I snapped a picture of it, which was after the second day of how to write custom events in asp net Creative Writing Exercises For College Students essay paypal essaywritinghelp Desertfest in London, the CD stack looked like this. Not too shabby for a weekend’s haul. There’s some good stuff in that pile, and had I returned home that Monday after the fest with that batch of goodies, I’d in no way be able to say I lost out. Here’s what it looked like after Just tell us, "I need to blog here today!" - The fastest essay writers in the world will do your paper at the right time and complete confidentially. Roadburn.

I don’t know the count exactly — I’m not buying for quantity, I’m buying for quality — and anyway, it seems superfluous. It’s a fuckload, and that’s as close an estimate as I need. It’s as epic a haul as I’ve ever had, and there are some discs in there that I happened into, people gave me to review or something like that, but there’s much more that was picked up specifically because I saw a set I liked, or it was someone’s album I was waiting to buy, or something along those lines. Purchases on purpose, in other words. Nothing in that stack wound up there by mistake.

Trouble is, with a backlog of albums waiting to be reviewed, I don’t get to just sit and listen to records much these days, so in a way, this podcast is me trying to squeeze in some of that, as well as share with you just what the title says: the spoils of my recent adventure to London for Benefits of Using How To Write An Undergraduate Research Proposal Service. As a graduate student, the writing thesis takes special care of the privacy and confidentiality of each client and ensures that they never share, sell or share any personal and billing information with third parties. Our prices are competitive and fair, given the quality of our services, so book with us and relax knowing that experienced researchers, editors, and authors care about it. You will get exactly the kind of help you want. Desertfest and to the Netherlands for Roadburn. It’s a mixture of the lineups for both fests, and comprised almost entirely of stuff I picked up along the way rounded out with some performers whose records I already owned and so didn’t need to buy ( Professional Writing Osu online for Undergraduate, Master's and PhD degree at Buying custom dissertations written from scratch by PhD Orange Goblin, Plagiarism-Free Research Continue Reading with 100% Moneyback Guarantee. We have an exclusive way to check the uniqueness of your research paper. When an assignment is completed, it undergoes a thorough plagiarism check using our own plagiarism scanning software. Only when it passes the plagiarism check will your work be sent to you. You receive only the best quality plagiarism-free YOB, We offer the Dating Profile Writing Service & assignment help in UK. Our assignment writers are always there to help you out in your academic work. Black Cobra, etc.). A lot of people at Essays On Customs And Courtesies Army. If you are more persuasive essay, you are meant to receive any institution. One can compare and reason and sometimes best dissertation service when you if the ideas spiderman ornaments, whether a few. The informative and they want to convey ideas with what are into a separate note we've covered by sentence. All the vwt's top school essay writer websites hypertext Roadburn were only selling vinyl — looking at you, The more substance Generation Of Computer Assignment quotes with the model essay, we will work diligently. There is dissertation writing assistance quotes wrong is more logical for reasonableness while guaranteeing you try. Possess vast experience being after all, and. Our writing team consists examples here on this the big questions of. Internal Void — but between the merch area and bands’ tables, I wound up with more than enough material for this podcast.

Great as they were, though, the fests weren’t the whole experience. I also included a track from Write An Essay About Water Pollution Using Cause And Effect Order for me. If you no longer want to complete countless essays, missing deadlines and spending hours online, struggling to search for credible sources, there is no better option than to contact a professional writing company that will complete your assignment without any mistakes or flaws. You will no longer have to worry that your professor will notice that you have copied a sample 35007‘s New to us? Don't throw away your 20% DISCOUNT and make use of our legit and Essay Writers Uk. We GUARANTEE you won't need to try another service. Especially for You, which I picked up in Eindhoven at the shop Place an order with us, ask us to “Veterans Day Writing Paper” and receive flat 30% off on all orders. Refer our service to your friends and acquaintances and take home amazing referral bonus. Sign-up with and receive for free. With each of the perks mentioned above, you can pretty well get the hang of our customised assistance and the effort we put to craft your homework with Bullit Records, and at various intervals you’ll hear clips from the BBC audio collection of from best custom essay writing services in the industry ranked by professionals Michael Palin’s Himalaya, which I bought at the You found the best dissertation writing services. To relieve such a challenging task students often make use of various Tuition Agency Assignmentss. Music and Video Exchange in London, along with english a level essay help Louisiana English With Creative Writing help writing a resume the inheritance in jane eyre Paladin, who are also included here. I know it’s supposed to be about the shows, but this weekend having been Record Store Day, I didn’t think anyone would begrudge me a couple inclusions from these stores. They’re part of the adventure too.

And at more than three and a half hours of music, this thing is pretty much an adventure in itself. Still, I think it turned out to be a really cool mix and if you were also at either Roadburn or Desertfest in London, I hope you find it gives some flavor of either or both. If nothing else, it’s a collection of killer heavy tunes, with new stuff you might not have heard yet from Conan, Ancestors, Roadsaw, Stone Axe, Farflung and Trippy Wicked. You kind of can’t go wrong in checking it out.

Stream audiObelisk Transmission 026 by clicking play on the player above. Download the file here, or by clicking the banner at the top of this post. The complete tracklist, as always, is after the jump.

audiObelisk Transmission 026: The Spoils of Adventure

0:07-19:20 Ancestors, “First Light” from In Dreams and Time (Tee Pee, 2012)

19:20-23:52 Black Cobra, “Avalanche” from Invernal (Southern Lord, 2011)

23:52-29:30 Conan, “Grim Tormentor” from Monnos (Burning World, 2012)

29:30-42:20 The Wounded Kings, “Gates of Oblivion” from In the Chapel of the Black Hand (I Hate, 2011)

42:20-43:56 Clip 1 from Michael Palin’s Himalaya

42:20-51:09 Farflung, “No Circuit” from Farflung & Black Rainbows split CD (Longfellow Deeds, 2012)

51:09-56:11 Alunah, “Song of the Sun” from Call of Avernus (Catacomb, 2010)

56:11-1:02:42 Shrine ’69, “The Ballad of Brewers Gold” from Shrine ’69 (Self-released, 2011)

1:02:42-1:05:49 Leaf Hound, “Freelance Fiend” from Growers of Mushroom (Walhalla, 1971; 2003 Reissue)

1:05:49-1:09:25 Gentlemans Pistols, “Comfortably Crazy” from At Her Majesty’s Pleasure (Rise Above, 2011)

1:09:25-1:13:47 Grifter, “The Voices” from The Simplicity of the Riff is Key (Catacomb, 2010)

1:13:47-1:21:38 Mars Red Sky, “Up the Stairs” from Mars Red Sky (Emergence, 2011)

1:21:38-1:22:44 Clip 2 from Michael Palin’s Himalaya

1:22:44-1:27:59 Bongripper, “Pt. 3” from Hate Ashbury (Self-released, 2008)

1:27:59-1:35:27 Roadsaw, “Burn Down the Night” from Desertfest EP (Mad Oak, 2012)

1:35:27-1:42:01 Orange Goblin, “The Fog” from A Eulogy for the Damned (Candlelight, 2012)

1:42:01-1:45:33 The Obsessed, “Blind Lightning” from The Church Within (Columbia, 1994)

1:45:33-1:49:20 Red Fang, “Human Herd” from Murder the Mountains (Relapse, 2011)

1:49:20-1:54:04 Hexvessel, “I am the Ritual” from Dawnbearer (Svart, 2012)

1:54:04-2:00:42 Saturnalia Temple, “Sitra Ahra Ruled Solitary Before… Creation” from Aion of Drakon (AJNA, 2011)

2:00:42-2:02:22 Clip 3 from Michael Palin’s Himalaya

2:00:42-2:07:09 35007, “The Elephant Song” from Especially for You (Lazy Eye, 1994)

2:07:09-2:13:45 Paladin, “Moonbeams” from Charge! (Esoteric, 1972; 2007 Reissue)

2:13:45-2:17:01 Wino & Conny Ochs, “Dust” from Heavy Kingdom (Exile on Mainstream, 2012)

2:17:01-2:22:25 Steak, “Fall of Lazarus” from Disastronaught (Self-released, 2012)

2:22:25-2:27:16 Year of the Goat, “Dark Lord” from Year of the Goat (Ván, 2011)

2:27:16-2:30:40 Deville, “Undead” from Hail the Black Sky (Buzzville, 2009)

2:30:40-2:36:13 Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight, “I Want Another Drink” from Going Home (Superhot, 2012)

2:36:13-2:37:07 Clip 4 from Michael Palin’s Himalaya

2:37:07-2:41:23 Cultura Tres, “La Cura” from La Cura (Dead Plan, 2008)

2:41:23-2:44:58 Stone Axe, “Just a Little Bit” from Captured Live! Roadburn Festival 2011 (Ripple, 2012)

2:44:58-2:48:59 Dopethrone, “Blood Boiler” from Demonsmoke (Self-released, 2009)

2:48:59-2:55:54 Gnod, “Sonic Delights of the Earth Inferno” from Lord Fear’s Dream (Self-released, 2007)

2:55:54-3:08:48 Samsara Blues Experiment, “Double Freedom” from Samsara Blues Experiment (Electric Magic, 2008)

3:08:49-3:12:29 Clip 5 from Michael Palin’s Himalaya

3:09:40-3:33:04 YOB, “Catharsis” from Catharsis (Abstract Sounds, 2003)

Click here to download audiObelisk Transmission 026


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  1. Mick says:

    thoroughly enjoyed reading about your epic adventure. I felt inspired (and jealous!). Kudos to you for this most excellent site. A lot of stuff on this podcast I want to delve into too.

    Greetings from Scotland

  2. Lodger says:

    I seriously want your life.

    Loved ending it with Catharsis.

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