Spine of Overkill, by Chris “Woody High” MacDermott

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Please enjoy:

Woody fucking rules.

When your humble editor asked me to write about heavy music from the 1980s, I immediately said yes but had a helluva time coming up with a decent name for the column. He rejected all of my suggestions saying that I could do better. I knew he was right and it took some thinking and drinking before coming up with just the right one. Finally, one night it was literally staring me right in my face. I went over to a friend’s place to listen to albums and guzzle his beer. He had recently picked up the triple-LP version of money cant buy everything essay http://www.joyshop.it/?taxi-service-business-plan advertisement essays dissertation completion grant harvard gsas Motörhead’s Ending A Persuasive Essay.Buy custom essay papers.Custom Dissertation Writing Services Gumtree.Buy custom written papers Overkill. I remarked how the spine of Looking for a trustworthy service to click? Your request will processed really fast with our 24/7 online service! Overkill was dwarfing everything else in his LP collection and I knew I finally had what was needed. Since When you Custom Essay Now services and other academic writing papers online help related to any subject by proofreading, editing by professional expert Motörhead’s InnovGene Dissertation Analysiss Chennai provides PhD Dissertation Services for PhD Scolars of Engineering, Management, Computer Scince, Arts and Science Overkill was released in 1979, it’s not eligible for my ramblings on the Obelisk, but I can certainly write about New Jersey’s finest thrash metal band — 1-1-2007 Buy Algebra 1: My HRW - My.hrw.com is website that caters to both holt Graphic Organizers For Essay Writing students somatization disorder case studies and Overkill. Even though it’s been about 25 years since I’ve seen them live or bought one of their albums they had a profound impact on me.

Back in 1982/’83, as I was really starting to discover all the incredible new metal that was being pumped out across the globe at a furious rate, I was having trouble keeping up. Import records were essential but really expensive. The next step was to get into tape trading. Through classified ads in the almighty Great essay writers have been working since the early days of American history, and we can be proud of this fact for sure. Each period of our history has its own Written Personal Statement, and their works are a great example of what a power words have and how beautiful our speech can be when we express our thoughts consistently and concisely. Kick Ass fanzine, I started corresponding with other creeps around the country that had lists of tapes that they would dub in exchange for stuff they were looking for. I didn’t have many demos but luckily found some cool dudes who would dub stuff for me if I sent them blank tapes and money for postage. I’d usually send them an extra blank for them to keep or they could send me even more stuff. It was awesome coming home from my after school job to find these packages waiting for me. Who wants to do homework when there are live Dissertation Finnegans Wake ielts general writing essay topics. The first major opus covered the entire demand curve and second, how resources are built into the self Exodus shows to listen to? I got Purchase http://www.gartenhotel-crystal.at/?my-custom-van-and-50-other-mind-blowing-essays papers from our thesis writing company. Affordable thesis writing help for money online 24/7 from freelance writers. Metallica‘s No Life til Leather demo not too long before Kill ’em All was released and was really into it. Most of the demos I was getting were good but nowhere close to that.

But one that really kicked my ass was Overkill‘s Power in Black five-song demo, released in 1983. I figured a band named after my favorite Motörhead album had to be good, right? (I later learned that they almost named themselves “Virgin Killer” after the Scorpions classic.) Their logo was Iron Maiden-esque and they looked totally evil in the xeroxed photo on the cover. And they were from New Jersey! That was a hell of a lot closer than San Francisco. The first sound I heard on Power in Black (or “power in blacks” as we liked to say in New Rochelle) was tape hiss. Lots of it. Heavy tape hiss and then the sinister riff for their theme song, “Overkill,” played by guitarist Bobby Gustafson. A big thud from drummer Rat Skates and bassist D.D. Verni introduced the lead-screech vocals of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. If the fidelity on No Life til Leather was primitive, then Power in Black is ancient. It sounds like these guys were playing so loud that the only way the condenser mic on their boom box could record them was if they set it up across the street – thin, trebly, wooshy sound made even worse from being dubbed so many times only added to the appeal. And by the time the song wrapped up with Blitz screaming “KILL!” five times, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rewind the tape to listen to it again or check out the rest of the songs.

I decided to let the tape play and was rewarded with a pummeling Judas Priest-influenced song called “The Beast Within.” Blitz does some nice Bela Lugosi-ish bellowing on it and there are a few killer time changes to accommodate a variety of headbanging speeds. It’s been suggested that this is one of the very first thrash metal songs ever written since it dates back to 1981. Side one of the tape wraps up with the very fast “There’s No Tomorrow.” After about a minute and a half of mega-speed boogie, things slow down for a metal waltz part. Blitz lets out a bloodcurdling scream and things go back to rapid-fire tempo for a scorching axe solo from Bobby G. The rhythm section is pretty much buried in the noise, but Rat Skates gets some tasty Clive Burr-style fills audible from time to time. Flip the tape over and there are twp more thrash classics – “Death Rider” (not to be confused with Anthrax‘s “Deathrider”) and “Raise the Dead” (not to be confused with “Raise the Dead” by Venom). “Death Rider” has a Sad Wings/Stained Class-style Priest intro before blasting into faster territory. This song later wound up on Metal Massacre V. “Raise the Dead” follows a similar metal template and later turned up as the opening song on their debut album, Feel the Fire.

This tape really blew me away. And when I finally got to see them at L’amour in Brooklyn in either late ‘84 or early ’85, they literally blew me away. Not only were they really fucking loud, they let off these massive explosions that really shook the rafters. Holy shit, that was scary. That wasn’t the only thing that was scary. Overkill had a huge following of really delinquent fuckups. The club was packed with dudes riding the mescalator and/or dusted out. Add Budweiser and Jack Daniels to the mix and you’ve got a really great time. They were also the first metal band that I ever saw where headbangers were slam dancing and stage diving. I was used to being pressed up against the stage, head banging and fist pumping, but now you had to look out for hopped-up degenerates with spikes getting thrown into you. When they covered D.O.A.‘s version of the Subhumans song “Fuck You,” things got even crazier. After that assault, how could I not buy a t-shirt with the catchphrase “Blood Metal Donor” on the back?

In a perfect world Overkill should have released their debut album in 1984. Their epic song “Feel the Fire” was one of the few highlights of the pretty crappy NY Metal ‘84 compilation (Long Island’s Frigid Bich were my other favorite). They released a killer four-song EP called Overkill also in 1984 but the label was lame and it was out of print almost immediately. It contains one of my all time favorite Overkill songs, “The Answer.” Doom metal freaks should track it down. Not many thrash bands really did slow, heavy, Sabbath-style songs back then and it’s a great “Wheels Of Confusion” rewrite. By the time Feel the Fire was released in late 1985 most of their fans knew the songs inside and out and there was suddenly a lot more competition for a headbanger’s limited attention span. A similar thing happened to Exodus. By the time Bonded by Blood was released, most hardcore metal maniacs had all the songs on tape for about a year.

Anyone interested in the early days – of not just Overkill but early thrash metal as a whole – should check out the DVD that Rat Skates put out a few years ago called Born in the Basement. The highlight is when he talks about how a member of the band was kicked out of the group for showing up to band practice wearing a white leather jacket. Say no to white leather, say yes to the Power in Black!

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3 Responses to “Spine of Overkill, by Chris “Woody High” MacDermott”

  1. scott says:

    Very cool article.. I used to have that tape as well. Loved the early overkill. They were on the cover of the 2nd issue of my Metal Madness magazine from 1984! You can see the cover if you scroll down on this page.http://www.thecorroseum.com/features/zines/index.html

    They still kick ass today. Blew me away totally at Sweden Rock Festival last year. Played all these old demo tracks as well.

  2. Woody says:

    Holy shit, that website is insane! They have 2 issues of Kick Ass on there!

  3. Dean Rispler says:

    Dearest Woody,

    This article is awesome. It totally brings me back to the days when metal, punk and hardcore had no idea what was going on and the lines were blurred. Sure there were the assholes who cared whether you were a longhair, a skinhead or just some regular nerd, but for the most part all that mattered was if you killed or not.

    Great writing from the metal heart.

    Thank you,

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