GIVEAWAY: Win a Copy of High on Fire’s De Vermis Mysteriis

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Normally I’d let this go for a week, but because I want to give you a better chance of actually getting the CD by the release date, I’m going to pick winners Friday and mail out the discs Saturday, assuming everyone gets back to me with their address on time.

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136 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win a Copy of High on Fire’s De Vermis Mysteriis

  1. Gary says:

    pretty please with sugar on top!

  2. Nick says:

    Life’s good.

  3. ajude says:

    I’ll take one \m/

  4. JohnfromPhilly says:

    great blog

  5. Jura says:

    Me too

  6. J√łrn says:

    Super stoked!

  7. Dave says:

    If you’re not in, you can’t win.

  8. Alex Risberg says:

    The best metal-band of today.
    I’ll wouldn’t say no to a free copy!

  9. Alex says:

    Hope I win a copy.

  10. Ulla says:


  11. Jopelou says:

    Hello daisy.

  12. chuck says:

    So looking forward to this album!

  13. Clint says:

    Hey there :)
    Cannot wait for this album to destroy my car stereo, my hifi, my pc, my ipod, my ears and my brain.
    What I’ve heard of the new tracks is amazing. Check out this live video of HoF performing “Serums of Liao” last November
    and this clip of “Madness of an Architect”

    I’d be totally stoked to win a copy, and would be more than happy to cover the postage \m/


  14. karlos says:

    hook it up!

  15. Vanman says:

    You can find me in a van down by the river.

  16. Smockboy25 says:

    worship at the altar of riffs of Pike and the power of High on Fire!

  17. Jorge says:

    I’m waiting for that record men, High on Fire is the most powerful trio since sleep, ha ha with pike you can never go wrong)))

  18. Tread says:

    I never win anything. Kicks dirt.

  19. Jordan says:

    Looking forward to this

  20. John Toothman says:

    Can’t wait to hear this. Matt Pike always kicks ass.

  21. Loni says:

    May the best man, hmmhmm, woman win!

  22. Fabrizio says:

    FREE High on Fire!!! :)

  23. Woody says:

    PICK ME!!!!!!

  24. Stritty says:

    Matt Pike is God! The Obelisk kills!!

  25. Micke Ronn says:

    Sweden needs a copy !!

  26. Johnny says:

    Long-time reader, first-(or maybe second-)time poster…

  27. ldmm says:

    I must win this

  28. flyin Ryan says:

    New HOF = badass !

  29. Jason says:

    Fuck yes! First time I heard High on Fire was through a wall, while I was inside the mcDonalds next to the continental on 3rd ave when art of self defense came out. The show was sold out but they were heavy and loud enough to still hear them through the wall! Instant fan and still am! Power trio!!!

  30. Joey says:

    thanks, love the site

  31. Sebastian says:

    One copy needs to come to Argentina.

  32. doomborn says:

    you should send me that CD :)

  33. colin says:

    Count me in

  34. Trond says:

    I¬īll take it!

  35. Cosmic Nod says:

    Deliver the riffs to the south! Thanks for hosting such a badass site!

  36. soggy bob says:

    Love the site! Great idea to do the giveaway!

  37. Gern says:

    New High on Fire! Can’t wait!

  38. sean says:

    thanks man.

  39. Jeff Marzullo says:

    Oh hell yes..

  40. AresOnasis says:

    Count me in on this.

  41. Gaia says:

    Would love to get my hands on a physical copy. DAMN THESE NEWFANGLED INTERNETS.

  42. kokojones says:

    HoF with Ballou at the desk sounds like a winner to me!

  43. Ryno says:

    Send that shit to me, mang!

  44. Jordi says:

    Send one to Chile please, for us lonely Southern hemisphere doomers! Cheers to all!

  45. Ben says:

    Looks like I showed up to the party late. Damn it.

  46. Jack says:

    I cannot wait to check out this disc! I would love to win a copy!! Thanks

  47. Rob says:

    I like pie…
    And good music

  48. JK says:

    Listening on NPR right now..sounds like a keeper. Better than the last two, for sure

  49. Scott says:

    hopefully you mean this friday coming..

  50. Scott says:

    ah sweet, it is this friday?
    hollaaaaa!! two comments from me now.. forget the first one

  51. qbeq says:

    Cheers from Poland !

  52. Scott says:

    ah sweet! it is this friday? hollaaaaaaaa!
    forget my first comment – im starting again..

    i like high on fire, etc.
    they make my favourite noises.

  53. Canucklehead says:

    Cheap beer: check, bong water: clean, wife beater: removed, new High in Fire…. If only I could win a copy…

  54. Reefer says:

    Not as good as Snakes imo, but I still must have this piece of riffage.

  55. Chris says:

    Hooray!!!! Can’t wait to hear the sounds!!!

  56. Luke says:

    My madness for wanting this album is equivalent to the madness of an architect!!

  57. Joemanthium says:

    I like free. I like metals. I like free metals.

  58. Fonso says:

    Gimme that!

  59. blackseed says:


  60. Barry says:

    i’m excited about this album…

  61. scott says:

    hope it rocks like a mutha….

  62. scott says:

    hope it rocks like a mutha….

  63. Jaymz says:

    Huge High On Fire fan here, if I won a copy of this I’d be sure to give it plenty of spins on my Monday night Doom show “The Shroud” at I also review CD’s for 2 magazines and I have a blogspot where I review as well so I’d be glad to give this new album a review. I’m sure like every one of their albums, this one will be stuck in my stereo for a long time. It’s awesome E1 hooked you up with 3 copies and your giving us a chance to win one. *Fingers crossed* Good luck to everyone!!! My email is

  64. Gotta at least try, right?

  65. Jon says:

    oh, man! yes, please.

  66. taylor says:

    streaming this on npr right now and it is pretty awesome.

  67. mark says:

    punished and slayed.

  68. High on Fire!!! <3

  69. Jay says:

    Tossed the cards, and dealt into the game.

  70. Coby says:

    I love lamp and High on Fire!

  71. Walloq says:

    Listened to the record at today, sounds massive, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  72. Jay says:

    Let the beef fry!

  73. Jay Cardinell says:

    just throwin’ in my two cents… hope I win it!

  74. Matt says:

    Hey now-hoping to win a copy of the new HOF-my email is Thanks!!!

  75. D Fox says:

    Been spinning the HOF catalogue all month in anticipation for this one! Love the concept that Pike came up with for the album.

  76. Adam Privett says:

    Ah, stygian. the best!
    Hail, High on Fucking Fire!

  77. Eric Nielsen says:

    I will kill myself with a fury whip if you don’t gimme dat disc…

  78. PostmanDan says:

    Ahhh, new HOF. Very cheap postage to Michigan and the van needs something new to rock out!

  79. Handerson says:

    77 comments? I stand no chance but still gotta try.

  80. Chuck says:

    Matt Pike is a legend! From the ashes of Sleep arose High on Fire!

  81. don s says:

    “free high on fire” is enough

  82. Alan Ritchie says:


  83. Mike H says:

    Me please.

  84. Mike H says:

    Me please…and thank you.

  85. Rob ZZZZZZZZZZ says:

    I would be happy to take one of those off your hands.

  86. Alex Kill says:

    too excited for this album. aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  87. Tait says:

    from on high it comes
    fiery worm cast upon me
    de vermis mysteriis

  88. lucAs says:

    A future masterpiece. Matt Pike Rules!

  89. RaulBourbon says:

    The ugliest band in the world

  90. Gorik says:

    Can’t wait to hear this, it’s going to be awesome!

  91. Todd says:

    Looking forward to this release! Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. Greg says:

    Been listening to High on Fire for the last 2 days in anticipation.

  93. rui says:

    I’d like one of these, please. Thank you very much!

  94. Matthew Hopkins says:

    Matt Pike’s teeth! yeah!

  95. goAt says:

    Matt Pike’s beergut! yeah!

  96. julius says:

    Did i win?

  97. John says:

    here’s to hoping I win.

  98. David D says:

    I love me some High On Fire!!

  99. Jose Odio says:


  100. Brian H. says:

    Oh yeah, killer stuff!

  101. David N says:

    I have missed them play live every time they’ve been in Toronto and Ottawa… The next time they play I WILL NOT MISS THEM!

  102. Eggat says:

    high on fire rules!

  103. Neil H says:

    Robert Bloch’s grimore transcribed into music!

    Warning: Playing this CD will pummel your delicate ears with a barrage of riffs foretelling your imminent doom as it summons the Shambler from the Stars to drive you insane….

  104. Webber says:


  105. Buttcakefred says:

    must have

  106. NatELite says:

    Kudos on 100+ comments. Hope this CD is as good as everyone is saying.

  107. Demon lung says:


  108. Seth says:

    Anything Matt Pike touches turns to cool.

  109. Derek says:

    Looking forward to hearing the new jamz!

  110. Eric Calvert says:

    Hell Yeah!

  111. pull-my-plonker says:

    Pie On Fire.

  112. Atta says:

    I loves me some High on Fire!

  113. Jon Osmond says:

    Yes. Thank you for the awesome review!

  114. Ben says:

    Holy SHIIIIIIIT This album looks like its gonna smoke Snakes for the Divine like a bowl of mysterious herb!

  115. Paulg says:

    So Brutal!

  116. jonnee2001 says:

    his eyes begat eyes!

  117. Johnny says:

    Yes Please

  118. Matt S says:

    hoping the gods of luck are with me

  119. Pete says:

    May the metal gods look kindly on me this day.

  120. Brian says:

    Behemoth of the sea awakes… Arise

  121. Brian Boszor says:

    This is a really cool giveaway!

  122. Nadine says:

    What can i say?…

  123. Tom says:

    this album…words fail me.. its just too good – now to pry this smile off my face and figure out how i’m going to retrieve my bollocks from my chest cavity.

  124. shawn says:

    Take off your shirt!

  125. JK says:

    I am burning High on fire on the other side of the globe!

  126. theKillingCold says:

    Thus far, this year has been a great one for new music! From the little I have heard of De Vermis Mysteriis, it looks to be another great release from High on Fire.

    Fury whip!

  127. Demon Gal says:

    Can I have a CD, pretty fucking please? :)

  128. I highly approve of this giveaway.

  129. Jason C says:

    Waiting on this one in jet black meditation.

  130. Eric says:

    Listened to this via NPR streaming of all places. Shreds!!

  131. Brandon says:

    I think this would be pretty neat.

  132. ??? Louis ??? says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  133. Jake says:

    High on Fucking Fire

  134. Johnny says:

    A win of this CD would certainly DOOM up my day!

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