audiObelisk Transmission 015: The Tilburg Haul

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For the last two years, I’ve done a Buried Treasure report (see here, and here) on the return from The role of "" is most important and usually among the least prepared. The Service Writer Seminar helps a new or a seasoned Writer to retake Roadburn specifically related to the CDs purchased there, either from the bands or the labels with distro setups. Both of those posts were titled “The Tilburg Haul.” This time, I thought I’d do something a little different and use the discs I bought to put together the latest installment of the audiObelisk podcasts. The name, as you can see above, stayed the same.

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That’s a special inclusion here, and throughout, you’ll also hear new music from Pentagram from their Last Rites album (review here) and The Gates of Slumber, who were selling their new record, The Wretch, for a measly 10 Euro. I was also thrilled to pick up the original issue of the first Dead Meadow, and live at Roadburn offerings from Bong and Year of No Light, tracks from both of which show up here.

There might not be as many songs here as last month, but with a couple cuts over 20 minutes and plenty of other spacious pieces besides, we still come close to three and a half hours, and I figure that’s plenty long enough. You’ll notice some abrupt transitions and some smooth transitions, which I thought was appropriate to the nature of Roadburn itself, where you can be watching Coffins one minute and Place of Skulls the next. In any case, I hope you enjoy listening, as always.

Full track listing is after the jump. Click here or the image above to download the file, or stream audiObelisk Transmission 015: The Tilburg Haul on the player above.

0:00:00-0:07:26 Dead Meadow, “Sleepy Silver Door” from Dead Meadow (Tolotta, 2000)

0:07:26-0:10:55 On Trial, “Do You See Her” from New Day Rising (Delerium, 1999)

0:10:55-0:19:54 Candlemass, “Demon’s Gate” from Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (Peaceville, 1986/2007)

0:19:54-0:23:58 Slough Feg, “Insomnia” from Hardworlder (Cruz Del Sur, 2007)

0:23:58-0:27:42 Michael Gira, “Eden Prison” from The Milk of M. Gira (Young God, 2010)

0:27:42-0:51:54 Bong, “Wizards of Krull” from Live at Roadburn 2010 (Roadburn/Burning World, 2011)

0:51:54-0:56:07 Beaver, “Circumnavigation” from Mobile (Man’s Ruin, 2001)

0:56:07-1:00:25 Pentagram, “Into the Ground” from Last Rites (Metal Blade, 2011)

1:00:25-1:04:41 Spindrift, “The Klezmer Song” from The West (Beat the World, 2008)

1:04:41-1:11:23 Quest for Fire, “Confusion’s Home” from Lights from Paradise (Tee Pee, 2010)

1:11:23-1:16:32 Dragontears, “Sunrise” from Tambourine Freak Machine (Bad Afro, 2008)

1:16:32-1:26:47 Zaphire Oktalogue, “Tracked for the Sunrise” from Zaphire Oktalogue (Nasoni, 2008)

1:26:47-1:30:57 Black Pyramid, “No Life King” from Black Pyramid (MeteorCity, 2009)

1:30:57-1:34:41 Wovenhand, “Horse Head” from Puur (Glitterhouse, 2006)

1:34:41-1:38:47 Pontiak, “Tell Me About” from Sun on Sun (Thrill Jockey, 2007/2008)

1:38:47-1:43:43 Goatsnake, “Lord of Los Feliz” from Goatsnake I (Rise Above, 1999)

1:43:43-2:06:20 Samsara Blues Experiment, “Double Freedom” from Long-Distance Trip (World in Sound, 2010)

2:06:20-2:20:53 Blood Farmers, “Deathmaster” from Permanent Brain Damage (Leaf Hound, 1991/2003)

2:20:53-2:28:40 The Gates of Slumber, “Castle of the Devil” from The Wretch (Rise Above, 2011)

2:28:40-2:34:03 Shepherd, “The Art of Being Lost” from Laments (Exile on Mainstream, 2003)

2:34:03-2:41:30 White Hills, “Eye to Eye” from Abstractions and Mutations (Another Drug Space Production, 2007/2009)

2:41:30-2:53:32 Tia Carrera, “Doom” from The November Session (Australian Cattle God, 2005)

2:53:32-3:02:55 Samavayo, “Let’m’c” from Death March Melodies (Nasoni, 2005)

3:02:55-3:07:35 Mercyful Fate, “Shadows” from In the Shadows (Metal Blade/Music for Nations, 1993)

3:07:35-3:13:32 Ramesses, “Another Skeleton” from Take the Curse (Ritual Productions, 2010)

3:13:32-3:21:43 Year of No Light, “Traversée” from Live at Roadburn 2008 (Roadburn/Burning World, 2009)

3:21:43-3:24:25 Sabbath Assembly, “We Give Our Lives” from Restored to One (Ajna Offensive, 2010)

Click here to download audiObelisk Transmission 015: The Tilburg Haul

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