Video Premiere: Kings Destroy Unveil Clip for “Old Yeller”

The Obelisk is proud and thrilled to be hosting the premiere of the new, first-ever Kings Destroy video, “Old Yeller.” Dig it:

For those who don’t remember, “Old Yeller” comes off Kings Destroy‘s first 7″ single, Old Yeller/Medusa. The band is guitarists Carl Porcaro and Chris Skowronski (both of Killing Time), vocalist Steve Murphy (Uppercut), bassist Ed Bocchino (Stanley) and drummer Rob Sefcik (Electric Frankenstein).

Steve Murphy had this to say about the track and the video:

“Old Yeller” was a collaboration between a filmmaker friend of ours named Dave Danesh and Morgan Nichols. It has various live footage from the Cake Shop show as well as the show we did at the Charleston with Droids Attack. Dave Danesh came up with the concept.

The idea surrounding it is pretty self-explanatory and goes hand-in-hand with the lyrics. The song is about how the media has been bought off by the US government and therefore lost its way in terms of protecting our democracy as the fourth check and balance. We don’t have a lot of political songs, however we definitely feel like this is a major problem right now.

This video has never been played before for anyone other than the band members — an official world premiere. So grab a nice cold PBR and hail the demise of our glorious nation.

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