Back in Amsterdam

I took a late-night train after Wino‘s set last night to get out of Tilburg and head back to Amsterdam, where I am now. Today is a tourist day (Van Gogh Museum, etc.) and then I fly out and back to real life tomorrow. I’ll do a proper wrap of Roadburn sometime this week — I anticipate what’s left of tomorrow when I get back to Jersey will probably be dedicated to sleeping — things were just crazy in Tilburg and I wound up with a lot less writing time than I thought I’d have. Obviously there are ups and downs to that.

It’s cloudy here and I need a shower. It’s about half past noon and I probably could sleep for another four hours. Jet lag hit hard, plus four nights of some of the most amazing live shows I’ve ever seen, plus drinking (though last night, I’m happy to report, I stayed completely sober, which was the right choice). Brooklyn Vegan has still been posting the daily updates, and I’ll have one more for them about yesterday later on this afternoon, so if you get a chance and happen to see this before you see that, please check it out. Thanks to Fred over there for letting me contribute. I feel cooler already. Should have called this site Fat Jersey Meateater. Live and learn.

Alright, cleanliness calls. Thanks for reading.

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