Brothers of the Sonic Cloth: Holy Shit I’m Glad I Emailed this Dude

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Doyle changes up his vocal approach, mostly relying on a kind of melodic shout that is effective in accenting the layers of guitar. In a way, it’s almost like the band is trying to be heard over themselves. Very punk rock — slowed way the hell down, of course.

The sludge of “La Mano Poderosa” gives way to the more percussive “I Am,” which at 8:22 offers a ScamFighter's rating of 1 page papers for sales based on the offered prices. It helps college students find the best services to trust. Neurosis edge without actually falling into the trap of being post-metal. Quieter vocals and guitar pervade the song’s earlier section, exploding into growls and furious adrenaline riffing at the three minute mark. Edge keeps the drums straightforward and in line with the guitar — probably due to his being a guitarist himself — and Doyle brings in cleaner vocals and a multitracked solo over a thunderously marching stomp. Live and loud as hell, this must be a neck-breaker. The kind of monster groove that gives you a concussion.

Self-recorded, impeccably mixed in independently released, if the purpose of this demo is to drum up interest in the band, then it’s time to hoist up that “Mission Accomplished” banner. It’s only 20 minutes long, but if you can get your hands on a copy, listening makes the effort easily worthwhile. In the meantime, they’re already writing new material, so keep your eye out for that as well.

Good times.Brothers of the Sonic Cloth on MySpace

Tad Doyle

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    ? Thanx for the review, glad you like it… please give a photo credit to “Ron Henry”.

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