Frydee Witchcoven: “House of Death”

Posted in Bootleg Theater on December 7th, 2012 by JJ Koczan

Bless their black hearts, Witchcoven is a new doomly duo from multi-instrumentalist Chad Davis, of Hour of 13, Tasha-Yar and many others. In Witchcoven, Davis is joined by vocalist Etienne “Hellscream” Chelleri, also of Slovenian black metal outfits Bleeding Fist and Naberius and whose lyrics on the demo track “House of Death” reference¬†Black Widow‘s “Come to the Sabbath” with their insistent cadence. Not a bad place to start, and Davis‘ cult credentials are well in order. I can’t imagine it’ll be more than 15 or 20 minutes before Witchcoven is signed, so I figured I’d post the above clip of “House of Death” on the same day it went live so I could claim later I got in on the ground floor. Always thinking, this one.

The story this week is pretty much the same story as last week: Lots to write, not enough time, work to do, so on. You know the deal by now. Including this one, I put up seven posts today, and I guess that’s pretty good productivity. While I’m thinking of numbers, here are a few that stuck out to me from this week:

  • Over 120 people added their top 12 of 2012 to the readers poll since Monday.
  • Over 200 albums were added to The Obelisk Radio this week.
  • The Obelisk Radio now includes over 10,000 songs.

Wild stuff, and of course huge thanks to everyone who’s shown there support here on the blog and on the forum as well. It means more to me than I can say and every time someone reaches out with an email to say thanks, or to say, “Hey, you should check out this band,” or drops a comment, or likes a post, or tunes in to hear YOB or Kyuss or whatever happens to be playing at that second, it’s huge. I’ve spent a lot of time over the better part of the last four years doing this — you might say I’m spending my Friday night doing it right now — but I really never had any idea this site would turn into what it has and if you’ve been digging it for a while or if this post is the first thing you’ve ever seen, I deeply, deeply appreciate your being a part of it.

Alright, enough feelings. I always get mushy when the doom is on. Hope you enjoyWitchcoven, hope you have a great and safe weekend. I hope to get to kick around the forum for a bit as it was kind of a nutty week and I have a lot to catch up on, so if you get a second and want to say hey, that’d be awesome. I’ll also be adding records to the radio station, so keep your eyes out. If there’s anything you want to hear, I’m happy to take requests and fulfill them to the best of my ability.

Next week, reviews of Blaak Heat Shujaa and Dali’s Llama, more year-end wrap-type stuff (I guess that Kadavar post was a hit if the Thee Facebooks likes are anything to go by), and I’ll finally get that Bell Witch interview posted — transcribing it is on my weekend to-do list, right next to attending my four-year-old nephew’s Xmas pageant at his school tomorrow. It’ll be an afternoon of extremes. Looking forward to it and looking forward to seeing you back here Monday. Cheers.

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